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The most attractive thing about Monster Hunter Now is that you can create your own "Monster Hunter Now" equipment by hunting various monsters.

But before you can capture the monster, you must defeat it using Monster Hunter Now weapons. Monster Hunter now features different types of weapons that players can use to defeat monsters.

Monster Hunter Now weapons

In this guide, we'll not only provide a list of the weapons available in the Monster Hunter Now, but we'll also show you how to use each weapon in Monster Hunter Now and unlock more.

In this article:

Monster Hunter Now Weapon Introduce

In order to better help you use Weapon in Monster Hunter Now, we will display the tier list,advantages,disadvantages of each weapon in the form of a list to facilitate your better use.

1 Monster Hunter Now Weapon Tier List

Tier Weapons
S Tier Light Bowgun,Sword & Shield
A Tier Long Sword,Bow
B Tier Hammer
C Tier Great Sword

2 Monster Hunter Now Weapon List

If you are new to the world of hunting and need some guidance, rely on this Monster Hunter Now weapons list and master the weapons that will give you an extraordinary gaming experience.
Monster Hunter Now List Advantage Disadvantage Special Skill
Sword & Shield
  • Perfect balance of offense and defense.
  • Fast striking capabilities.
  • Ability to block attacks with a long press on your device.
  • Great starting weapon for hunters.
  • Limited reach compared to some other weapons.
  • May require more precision in timing blocks due to smaller shield size.
  • "Perfect Rush Combo" for powerful consecutive attacks.
  • Great Sword
  • Powerful and large weapon.
  • High damage output.
  • Capable of delivering charged slashes for devastating attacks.
  • Slow attack speed, requiring careful timing.
  • Limited mobility during attacks.
  • Longer recovery time after each swing.
  • May leave the hunter vulnerable to faster monster attacks.
  • "True Charged Slash" for an even more powerful and damaging strike.
  • Long Sword
  • Speedy and precise continuous attacks.
  • Ability to charge up the Spirit Gauge for increased attack damage.
  • Vulnerable to taking damage, leading to the loss of the Spirit Gauge.
  • Limited defensive capabilities during attacks.
  • Requires careful positioning to land successful Spirit Helm Breaker attacks.
  • "Spirit Helm Breaker" for a high-damage jumping and slashing attack.
  • Hammer
  • Blunt force weapon for hitting big targets.
  • High damage output.
  • Ability to stun monsters, especially by targeting the head.
  • Limited reach compared to some other weapons.
  • Slower attack speed.
  • Less precision compared to bladed weapons.
  • Limited defensive capabilities during attacks.
  • "Spinning Bludgeon" for continuous damage and a powerful upper attack.
  • Light Bowgun
  • Long-range weapon for staying at a safe distance from monsters.
  • Versatility in ammunition types.
  • Ability to customize ammo for specific monster weaknesses.
  • Limited melee capabilities for close encounters.
  • Requires careful management of ammunition.
  • Reloading can leave the hunter vulnerable.
  • Lower mobility compared to some melee weapons.
  • "Wyvernblast Counter" for a powerful explosion and significant damage.
  • Bow
  • Excels at medium-range attacks.
  • Charging mechanism for up to four levels of arrow release.
  • Versatility with arrows of different types.
  • Limited in close-range combat.
  • Requires precise aiming for optimal effectiveness.
  • Lower damage per shot compared to some other weapons.
  • Relatively lower defense, necessitating strategic positioning.
  • "Dragon Piercer" for significant damage, piercing through monsters.
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    Monster Hunter Now Weapon Guide:How to Unlock and Use It?

    1 Sword and Shield

    Sword and Shield

    The sword and shield are the most basic melee weapons. This set of equipment balances offense and defense, allowing you to dodge flexibly and have attack capabilities at the same time. Upgrade it to use the perfect dash combo skill, perfect for practicing against early enemies.

    2 Great Sword

    Great Sword

    Great Sword trades strength for mobility. Slams deal heavy damage, and the post-attack slowdown leaves you vulnerable. However, it has limited treatment per day and few medicines. The high risk and high reward of the Great Sword are not practical now. Requires constant dodging and repositioning, not useful enough against agile monsters.

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    3 Long Sword

    Long Sword

    The long sword is a top weapon, suitable for hunters who like beautiful strikes and fast strikes. The strikes are accurate and fast, and hitting an enemy fills up an energy meter, increasing damage. Use it to maintain continuous attacks and this energy meter, and you can release super powerful skills and cause huge damage.

    4 Hammer


    The hammer is really great for smashing monsters. But not fast. This heavy melee weapon will beat monsters to a pulp, which can be exchanged for more rewards. There isn't much chance to dodge from close range attacks. You need to understand the monster's movements before using it, otherwise you will easily get into trouble.

    5 Light Bowgun

    Light Bowgun

    Light Bowgun is a powerful weapon for attacking monsters from a distance. Its most powerful feature is its flexibility. You need to keep a safe distance and aim at the enemy's vulnerable parts to reduce damage.

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    6 Bow


    The bow is a good helper for medium and long range attacks. You can shoot a variety of different arrows, and it's easier to hit the target if you get closer to it. It is important to learn to dodge to avoid damage from close range attacks.

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    FAQs about MH Now Weapons

    1 How to Unlock all Weapon Types in Monster Hunter Now ?

    Initially, your weapon selection is limited to swords and shields, which can be customized using parts gained from killing large monsters. The Greatsword becomes available after completing the first stage of the main story "Chapter 2: The Shining Swamp".

    As you complete Chapter 3-1 missions, you'll unlock more weapons, including bows, light bow guns, longswords, and hammers, expanding your arsenal to suit different hunting strategies.

    2 How Many Monster Hunter Now Weapon Types?

    Monster Hunter now offers eight weapon types:Bow, Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Long Sword, Light Bowgun, Hammer, Great Sword, and Lance.


    Above, we have made relevant introductions to Monster Hunter Now weapons to help you better use them in the game. Of course, if you want to quickly unlock Monster Hunter Now weapons, then we recommend you to use LocaChange to hunt without walking.