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In Pokémon GO, the excitement lies in discovering, catching, and evolving Pokémon to reach higher levels. To increase your success rate, you need to hunt for valuable items like Poké Balls, regular candies, and elusive rare candies.

how to get rare candy in pokemon go

Rare Candies are essential for your Pokémon to evolve and progress in the game. But catching them is no walk in the park – they’re very rare! In this article, we’ll reveal how to get five types of rare candies in Pokemon Go.

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In this article:

Part 1: What is Pokémon Go Rare Candy?

Rare candies are useful items in Pokémon Go that are great for quickly leveling up Pokémon, helping to increase the number of Candies a specific Pokémon has, especially those that might take longer to level up through traditional battles and experience gain.

what is rare candy

Plus, you can think of rare candies as a shortcut - use rare candies to instantly reward your Pokémon with candies, allowing them to grow faster and gain strength.

Name: How Get it: How it Work:
Rare candy It can be earned through research, trainer battles, and especially raid battles. You can spend rare candies to get candies exclusive to specific Pokémon.

Part 2: The Fastest Way to Get Rare Candy in Pokémon Go

The safest and easiest way to gain points is to participate in raids or complete research missions. Typically, you have to physically travel to these locations shown on the map, thus limiting your candy collection to your local area.So we’re going to introduce the easiest and fastest way to win rare candies: fake location changers

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Part 3: How to Get Rare Candy in Pokémon Go?

1 Launch a Raid

Raid battles are the simplest and most effective way to obtain rare candies, and are also an important source of obtaining rare candies. The amount obtained in raids changes according to the Raid level.

launch a raid

2 Field Research

These are daily quests available to trainers in the game. You can use The Silph Road's Research quest tracker to find related quests. Players can receive rewards for completing these quests.

field research

3 Special Research

Another great way to get rare candies is to delve into special research and timed research missions. Keep an eye out for these special missions - they're not as common as raids and usually pop up during events. These tasks usually reward you with one to three rare candies upon completion, which you can find by spinning PokéStops.

special research

4 By Walking

You can also get some rare candies by walking! In Pokémon GO, the game keeps track of how far you've traveled over the course of a week. If you cover important territory, the game may reward you with all kinds of goodies—from Poké Balls to Stardust.

by walking

Note that these missions may vary in difficulty and length, but the rewards of rare candies make them totally worth your time! So if you find these quests during the event, don’t miss them – they’re a great way to stock up on precious rare candies!

5 Battle League Rewards

In Pokémon GO, you can choose to participate in different levels of battle leagues by fighting against other players. After victory, you will receive various rewards. This method is relatively difficult.

battle league rewards

Part 4: Commonly Asked Questions about Pokémon Go Rare Candy

1 Can I Buy Rare Candy in Pokémon Go?

In Pokémon Go, Rare Candy is available as a reward in raids, research tasks, and as a part of certain events. so,You can't directly purchase Rare Candy with in-game currency or real money from the in-game shop.

2 Can I Cheat to Get Rare Candies in Pokémon Go?

In Pokémon GO, candies are best earned by playing the game as intended, so if you're considering other ways to get rare candies, be wary of getting soft-banned from Pokémon GO. Avoiding house bans in Pokémon Go is crucial if you want to maintain a positive gaming experience.

3 How many Rare Candies drop from a Raid?

In Pokémon GO, the amount of rare candies you get from raids can vary. Generally speaking, completing a raid battle will reward you with varying amounts of rare candies, typically ranging from 3 to 15 rare candies per raid.

The exact amount you receive is random and affected by several factors, such as the raid difficulty level, your performance in the raid, and other in-game variables.

4 How to Use Rare Candy?

In the Pokémon games, rare candies are valuable items that can instantly level up a Pokémon by one level when used. Use rare candies:

  • Access Pack: Open the game pack where items are stored.
  • Find rare candies: Scroll or search your items to find rare candies.
  • Select Pokémon: Select the Pokémon in your team that you want to upgrade using rare candies.
  • Use Rare Candy: Select a Rare Candy from the bag and confirm to use it on the selected Pokémon.
  • Level Up: After using rare candies, the selected Pokémon will immediately level up.


The journey to get rare candy in Pokémon GO varies from raid battles to completing missions and exploring various game features, but if you don’t want to go anywhere in the world to get rare candies, then I recommend it. Use LocaChange location changer, which allows you to easily get rare candies and unlock more Pokémon.

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