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Transform Pokémon: The Power of Evolution and Change


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Step into the vibrant Pokémon universe, where transformation is a mesmerizing force. Explore the enigmatic realm of Transform Pokémon, where evolution embodies growth, power, and adaptability.

Discover their metamorphic journey's intricacies and impact on the Pokémon world. From legendary evolutions to underlying mechanics, join us on an exhilarating quest.

Your Poké Ball awaits – let's embark on this transformative journey!

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In this article:

Part 1: Top FAQs about Life360's Location Not Updating

1 Can a Ditto transform into anything?

Ditto possesses the remarkable ability to seamlessly transform into various forms at will. During periods of rest, it cunningly adopts the appearance of a stone, providing a defensive disguise against potential threats.

what can ditto transform

Through an impressive manipulation of its cellular structure, Ditto can effortlessly morph into diverse shapes and entities. Yet, when relying on its memory to imitate specific forms, this versatile Pokémon occasionally falters and introduces inaccuracies.

2 Every Ditto Disguise in Pokemon GO (August 2023)

The developers of Pokémon GO consistently refresh the roster of creatures that Ditto is capable of imitating. As of August 2023, the following is a comprehensive list of the monsters that Ditto can currently replicate.

Ditto Disguises

  • Diglett
  • Grimer
  • Snubbull
  • Corphish
  • Starly
  • Roggenrola
  • Tympole
  • Litleo

3 Identifying Ditto encounters

Detecting a disguised Ditto can pose a challenge, yet subtle behavioral nuances may provide clues. Such Pokémon in disguise may exhibit slightly elevated combat power (CP) or prove more elusive to capture compared to their regular counterparts.

identify ditto

By observing these nuances, you can enhance your ability to identify potential Ditto encounters and improve your chances of capturing this shape-shifting creature.

Ditto exclusively adopts the form of other Pokémon, encompassing those listed above. When mimicking, say, a Pidgey, it mirrors the appearance and behavior to perfection. Only upon capture will an animation unveil its true Ditto identity.

Part 2: Mastering Ditto Capture - Proven Strategies

1 Leverage the nearby radar

Stay vigilant for the target Pokémon displayed in your nearby list. Despite their general prevalence, having visibility into their locations proves advantageous, especially with the ongoing influx of new Pokémon.

2 Secure Ditto using lures and incense

As confirmed by The Silph Road, Ditto can indeed be encountered through lures and incense.

pokemon go iures incense

If you're stationary but eager to maximize your chances, activate a lure and/or incense, focus on the designated Pokémon, and you might discover Ditto making its way to you, reversing the typical encounter approach.

3 Universal Ditto Consistency

In contrast to random and individualistic shiny Pokémon encounters, Dittos maintain a consistent presence within specific Pokémon spawns.

This distinct trait implies that if a fellow player locates a Ditto, you can also obtain it by reaching that location. Utilizing a Pokémon Go Discord group subscription allows you to request updates from players in your vicinity. Swift action is crucial, as these opportunities are fleeting.

4 Crack a Lucky Egg

This won’t help your odds of catching Ditto, but if you are heading out on a Ditto hunt you’ll be earning stacks of XP as you check every Pokémon you encounter.

Crack a Lucky Egg and you will double this XP for half an hour. The same goes for Star Pieces. It’s time to maximize the grind, people.

Part 3: Tricks to Increase the Chances of Catching Transform Pokémon

To boost your chances of catching 3 Ditto, or transform Pokémon, combine the strategies mentioned throughout this guide. Focus on high spawn rate locations, use Lures and Incense to attract more Pokémon, and pay close attention to potential Ditto disguises.

Participate in events like April Fool's Day, where Ditto encounters may be more common, and collaborate with local Pokémon GO communities to share Ditto sightings.

Additionally, improve your catching chances by using a Pokemon GO spoofer to change your location without going outside, LocaChange can be one of your choices. You can easily capture Ditto at ease by utilizing our Spoofing tool - LocaChange.

LocaChange allows you to instantly change your position, which means you may capture Pokémon like Ditto from anywhere in the world.

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Part 4: Ditto Unveiled - April Fool's, Team GO Rocket, and Events

1 Embracing April Fool's Tradition in Pokémon GO

Throughout its history, Pokémon GO has embraced the tradition of hosting special events on April Fool's Day. These events frequently revolve around Ditto, capitalizing on its mischievous nature.

Tradition in Pokemon GO

Such occasions introduce distinctive bonuses and challenges, creating an exhilarating atmosphere that encourages players to engage and pursue the enigmatic Ditto.

2 Increased Ditto spawn rates during the event

Amid April Fool's Day and Team GO Rocket events, the likelihood of encountering Ditto-disguised Pokémon may see a boost.

This enhancement streamlines the process for players to locate and capture Ditto, facilitating the completion of in-game tasks tied to Ditto or the inclusion of this distinctive Pokémon in their repertoire.

Increased Ditto spawn rates

Stay attentive to in-game notifications and authorized news outlets for precise insights into the event's particulars and accompanying perks.

3 Staying informed about upcoming events

Optimizing April Fool's Day, Team GO Rocket events, and other unique moments in Pokémon GO involves staying well-informed about forthcoming events and their specifics.

Monitoring Pokémon GO's official blog, social media platforms, and in-game notifications empowers you to ready yourself for these occasions and enhance your prospects of capturing Ditto and other elusive Pokémon.

Part 5: Hot FAQs about Transform Pokémon/Catch Ditto

Question 1 Can you get eggs from Ditto?

Through the combination of two Pokémon (one male and one female) within the same Egg Group, or by pairing a breedable Pokémon with a Ditto, the prospect of breeding and producing an egg arises.

Question 2 Can I Hatch Ditto from eggs in Pokémon Go?

Hatching a Ditto from an egg in Pokémon GO is unfeasible. To acquire a Ditto, the prescribed method involves capturing it using a Poké Ball, as elucidated in the previously outlined procedures.

Question 3 How do you make it easier to catch a Ditto?

While a guaranteed method for immediate Ditto acquisition is absent, players can bolster their prospects using items such as Incense and Lures. In the pursuit of capturing Ditto, the utmost efficacy lies in mastering its various disguises.

Use Pokemon GO spoofer to simulate your route to catch more Pokemons and get more chance to catch Ditto.

Question 4 What happens if you breed a Ditto with a Ditto?

Regrettably, Ditto cannot engage in breeding with fellow Dittos.

The constituents of the Ditto Egg Group are precluded from interbreeding, rendering the procurement of a Ditto exclusive to wild captures, player trades, or designated special events.


In essence, to catch Ditto-transformed Pokémon, prioritize grasping Ditto's disguises, employing adept catching techniques, and leveraging events like April Fool's Day. Embracing these insights heightens your Ditto encounter success, enabling task completion and portfolio enrichment.

As your Pokémon GO expedition persists, relish the excitement of pursuing enigmatic creatures like Ditto while adventuring in your surroundings. Maintain responsible gameplay and adhere to the game's Terms of Service. Best of luck and happy hunting!

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