LocaChange Plug-in Device User Guide

Welcome to LocaChange Plug-in Device(LBS) user guide! In this guide, you’ll learn how to directly change location by LocaChange Plug-in Device. You'll need no PC, no cracked games, no root nor jailbreak. Let’s start.

Step 1: Get iGO-LocaChange App

After purchasing the LocaChange LBS (a plug-in device for Location Based Service) package on the LocaChange official website, open your purchase email and click the download link for the iGo LocaChange app.

get igo locachange app

Step 2: Set up

1. Open iGO LocaChange app and go to "Feedback".

go to feedback in igo locachange app

2. Enter "LocaChange" and your email.

enter locachange and your email

Step 3: Connect LocaChange Plug-in Device to Your iPhone

Reopen the app. Plug the device into your phone. Tap the bluetooth icon on the screen and wait for a second. If a popup appears, please click 'Ignore'.

connect locachange plugin device with your iphone

Step 4: Modify Your Location

In the iGO LocaChange app, drag the map to the location you want to modify, click the 'Lock' button, and the location modification will be completed.

modify your location by locachange plug-in device

Tips: If the location modification fails, please follow the steps below to reset the device and modify your location again.

1: Turn off Wifi and mobile data;

2: Go to "Settings" > "Privacy and Security" > "Location Services", tap "Close" and wait 3-5 seconds;

3: Re-enable location service - return to iGO LocaChange app- modify location successfully - turn on the network.