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  • Changed location
  • Easy to Use
  • Change location on my iPhone
  • Can be used in location games!
  • I was able to plan my route
  • Game mode is fun!
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( Number of reviews 19 )

User Reviews of LocaChange

LocaChange is a top-rated iOS/Android location changer. It is trusted and used by more and more people, and we believe you will love it too!

  • By Amos Smith 2023-07-03

    The first time I used the software to change the location, I realized that the feature is really helpful in altering the location. I can use this software to pretend I am in a different location and keep my privacy safe.

  • By Daisy 2023-07-02

    It works! helped me change Tinder location

  • By Ward Blackwell 2023-07-01

    Great spoofer for Pokemon GO

  • By Vincent Lewis 2023-06-28

    I could easily trick my location to access content that is normally not available where I am. The tool for doing this was easy to use and understand. I think this product is really good.

  • By Ann Miller 2023-06-27

    Awesome app to move around and enjoy playing Pokemon Go. I haven't had any problems at all. I highly suggest using this if you want to fake your location for any reason you want.

  • By Richie Ford 2023-06-26

    Locachange has made it easier for me to level up quickly in Pokémon GO, and I've been able to catch some extremely rare Pokémon. It's amazing

  • By Alexis Davis 2023-06-24

    I enjoy using Locachange because it has an easy-to-use interface and lots of handy features. With this feature, you can easily change the location of your iPhone.

  • By Fay 2023-06-22

    This program works well on both my iPhone and Android phone. Rare and perfect compatibility.

  • By Abe Martinez 2023-06-21

    Honestly, you all are amazing. The airplane mode actually works with the iPhone 14, even when it is connected. This helps to fix the problem. Thank you so much.

  • By Geraldine 2023-06-17

    I have not personally experienced any safety risks. I needed a way to change my location and prevent my parents from tracking me. Locachange achieved it easily and without any problems. I haven't found any information leaks yet.

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