What Can You Do with LocaChange?

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locachange change location on pokemongo

Play Geo-Based Games Anywhere

LocaChange location changer helps you change your location on iOS/Android devices easily. You can play location-based AR games at home without walking.

  • Access to Pokémons in distant or restricted locations by modifying location.
  • Increase the likelihood of catching rare Pokémons.
  • Cooldown timer feature helps you avoid Pokémon GO soft ban.

Change Location on Social Media

LocaChange allows you to change your location simply. This is helpful for people who don't want to move but still need to change their GPS location.

  • Match new friends on dating apps like Bumble, Hinge and Tinder.
  • Share virtual location on social platforms like WhatsApp/Instagram.
  • Spoof location to pretend to "travel" anywhere.
change location on social media with locachange
hide location on ios and android

Hide Location on iOS and Android

Some apps now allow permission to track location, which is not safe for people. This GPS location changer can trick the GPS system. It helps you avoid being tracked.

  • Prevent someone from tracking your iPhone/Android location
  • Hide iPhone location from Find My Friends.
  • Protect your privacy & security to reduce the risk of your personal information leaking.

Simulate GPS Movement with Customized Route

Joystick Mode: Traditional emulators can cause game crashes. A joystick or keyboard can help control the GPS movement direction more easily.

change location with joysticks

Two-spot Mode: Create routes and move at a customized speed. Allowing you to move from place A to place B on the map.

locachange location changer 2 Spot mode

Multi-spot Mode: Plan a custom route by selecting multiple spots on the map, and simulate different speeds like walking, cycling, or driving.

locachange location changer multi spot mode

Jump Teleport Mode: Customize teleportation route with Locachange location changer. It allows you to quickly move between different places on the map.

locachange location changer multi spot mode

More Advanced Features

  • pokemon go cooldown timer

    Cooldown Timer

    The countdown serves as a reminder to avoid frequent changes in iPhone/Android locations.

  • locachange historical records

    Historical Records

    Automatically record and save your previously searched addresses, accessible wherever you need them.

  • set the speed of GPS movement

    With Customized Speed

    Adjust the different simulated speeds of GPS movement from 3.6km/h to 120km/h.

  • change location in realistic mode

    Realistic / Fluctuation Mode

    Choose real mode/fluctuation mode, and simulate the route like the real movement.

  • collect location pokemon go

    Favorite List

    Manually collect your favorite locations and routes freely for quick one-click access next time.

  • Collect Spots and Routes

    Up To 10 Device

    LocaChange location changer support 10 devices to change GPS location.

Change GPS Location on iOS/Android in 3 Steps

connect devices to pc locachange

Step 1: Connect your iOS/Android device to PC.

choose destination or route locachange

Step 2: Choose a Route and Mode.

change gps location locachange

Step 3: Start to move to change GPS location in 1-click

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LocaChange  Location Changer  VS  Other Location Changer

Support Mode
Map & Cooldown Timer
GPS Joystick Control
Latest iOS 17, Android 14 Supports
No Need
5 Modes
iOS Only / Android Only
Only 1 Mode

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locachange reviews Aaliyah Jones

I really like this app. It's very simple to use and it works really well. I have been using it to have fun with games and I have never encountered any issues.

locachange location spoofer reviews Vincent Lewis

I could easily trick my location to access content that is normally not available where I am. The tool for doing this was easy to use and understand. I think this product is really good.

locachange location changer reviews Ann Miller

Awesome app to move around and enjoy playing Pokemon Go. I haven't had any problems at all. I highly suggest using this if you want to fake your location for any reason you want.

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FAQ and Hot Tips

LocaChange FAQs
Hot Topics for LocaChange
  • 1. Can free-download customers enjoy customer service/support?

    Yes. Regardless of whether you use the trial version or the full version, customer care is always at your beck and call. Please feel free to contact us for assistance if you encounter any technical problems. You will get a reply within 48 hours if you contact the support team.

  • 2. Can using LocaChange change the iPhone GPS location without jailbreak?

    Yes. You can change your iPhone location without jailbreak with LocaChange.

  • 3. What is the difference between the free trial version and the full version?

    The biggest difference between the free trial version and the full version is the usage limit.In the free trial version, you can try the teleport mode 5 times, the two-point mode 1 time, and the joystick mode for 1 hour. But purchasing LocaChange can unlock the rights and interests, and use the functions unlimited times during the rights period.

  • 4. What kind of modes can LocaChange change GPS location?

    With LocaChange, you can easily spoof GPS location and simulate GPS movement with custom routes in the following modes:
    1. Teleport mode;
    2. Jump teleportation mode (customized transmission route);
    3. Two-point mode (customize the route between 2 points);
    4. Multi-point mode (customize the route with unlimited points);
    5. Joystick mode.

  • 5. What are the system requirements for using LocaChange?

    LocaChange can be installed on Windows:Win 11/10/8/7、Mac:mcOS 10.9 - mcOS 13.

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