[Easy & Effective] How to Hide Location on iPhone?

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[Easy & Effective] How to Hide Location on iPhone?


how to hide location on iphone

According to news reports, in the age of smartphones, our location information is under surveillance and tracking all the time, which is undoubtedly a huge privacy issue and potential security risk. That sounds terrible and many people ask: can you hide your location on iPhone? Congrats, the answer is YES.

So how to hide location on iPhone? Don’t worry, in this article, I’ll introduce some useful methods to help you hide your location on your iPhone.



To meet the diverse needs of different iPhone users, I've ranked the following methods by the rule--based on the extent of permissions involved and the level of system control, from high to low. This way, you can easily redirect the corresponding part based on your needs.

If you want to try the simplest & safest way directly, just see the last part to save your time.

Part 1: How to Hide Your Location on iPhone?

Method Operation Complexity Safety & Effectiveness Recommendation
Use LocaChange to Hide Location 2 steps Easy starstarstarstarstar
Turn off Share My Location 4 steps Moderate starstarstar
Use a VPN 4 steps Complicated starstar
Toggle Airplane Mode 2 steps Easy starstar
Use System Services 3 steps Complicated starstarstar
Use the Location Services Option 3 steps Complicated starstarstarstar
Turn Off Location Sharing on "Find My" 3 steps Moderate starstar

Method 1: Turn off Share My Location

How to hide your location on iPhone? If you want to shut it completely, then you can turn off Share My Location.

This is a global setting, with the highest level and the widest range of control. It’s used to disable all the location-sharing features on your device. Once turned off, your device will not share location information with others.

You can follow this guide:

Step 1: Open “Settings” on your iPhone. Then click on the “Privacy & Secure” option.

Step 2: Click on “Location Services” on the menu.

Step 3: Click on the “Share My Location” option to see your device’s current status.

Step 4: Find the “Share My Location” option. Then turn it off.

turn off share my location



  • Using this method, it will shut down the location services on your iPhone completely and may lead to promblems of certain apps.

Method 2: Use a VPN to Hide Your Location

The operating principle of a VPN is hiding your IP address and encrypting network traffic to protect privacy. It can prevent tracking of location information, so VPN has a broader control range. Its advantage is that there are many VPN options available on the market, but their security levels vary, so you need to consider them carefully. Here I recommend NordVPN.

Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Download and install the NordVPN app. Then buy a plan that suits your budget.

install and buy nordvpn

Step 2:Log into your NordVPN account and see the server options.

log in nordvpn

Step 3:Click the Connect button and start to hide and change your locatoin. This may take a few seconds, or longer if the network is not good.

connect nordvpn

Step 4:When you no longer need the VPN, go back to the NordVPN app and click Disconnect button.


  • Using a VPN on your iPhone is not always safe and stable, because it's not originally used for hidding location.
  • What's more, it's often very expensive to buy a VPN plan.

Method 3: Toggle Airplane Mode

How to hide my location on iPhone? This method is the simplest and also the most familiar to everyone. It turns off all wireless communication functions, including location services, so it also controls a relatively broad range.

Airplane Mode disables all wireless communication, including cellular data, Wi-Fi, and GPS. This means you can’t make or receive calls, send messages, or connect to the internet.

airplane mode


  • Airplane Mode disables all wireless communication, including cellular data, Wi-Fi, and GPS. This means you can’t make or receive calls, send messages, or connect to the internet.

Method 4: Use System Services

This method has a broader impact since it controls the entire system-level location services. By this method, you're controlling the system-level location services. This includes services such as GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular networks, and base stations, which determine your device's location. 

You can configure the permissions for these system services in the "Privacy" > "Location Services" section of your settings, choosing whether to allow them to use your location information.

Check the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the “Setting” and click on the “Privacy & Secure” option.

Step 2: Find the “Location Services” options. Then find “System Services” and start your settings.

Step 3: You can go to "Significant Locations" and clear your history.


use system services



  • It's complicated to operate and need ID authentification, and if you delete the significant locations information, you couldn't find the lost data.

Method 5: Use the Location Services Option

This method controls location permissions for each app, and you can customize your needs to hide location only on certain apps, so the control is less extensive.

Here is the procedure:

Step 1: Open the “Settings”. Go to “Privacy” and click on “Location Services”.

Step 2: You can choose to turn off location permissions for all applications.

Step 3: You can also choose to turn off some of the permissions, or limit access time.


use location services option



  • Using this method is rather complex and may easily overlook certain apps you wish to hide your location from.

Method 6: Turn Off Location Sharing on “Find My”

If you don't know how to hide location on iPhone, then this method is also workable. This method only affects location sharing in the "Find My Friends" app, with minimal control.

Find its guide here:

Step 1: Open the “Find My” on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap the “Me” option. Find the “Share My Location” option on the menu.

Step 3: You can choose the people to whom you want to show your location. Just choose People and choose a person, then choose Don’t Share or Stop Sharing My Location.

turn off location sharing on findmy



  • This method only hides the location for the Find My app. And your friends and family may still track your location through other means.

Part 2: How to Stop Sharing Location without Them Knowing on iPhone?

How to hide location on an iPhone without anyone knowing? In addition to the above conventional and complicated methods, there is actually a simpler and more effective way, that is, using LocaChange.

After using this app personally for a few months, I highly recommend it. It’ an powerful spoofer app to hide location on iPhone, and allows you to hide and change the location on iOS with 1 click, and no need to jailbreak. It has a very clear and easy interface and it’s really user-friendly:


Key Features of LocaChange

  • Hide your location on iPhone without anyone knowing.
  • Teleport/change location to anywhere in the world in 1 click.
  • Simple to operate and user-friendly. No need of jailbreak.
  • 100% safe and effective to download and use.
  • Compatible with both the latest iOS and Android systems.
  • Every user can experience the free trial version.

1006242 Users Downloaded

You can follow this guide to try it for free:

Step 1:Download and install LocaChange on your iPhone.

Step 2: After installing LocaChange, launch it. Choose the teleport mode, select the location you want to spoof, then click move button and now your real location information is hidden.

Fake location on iphone by LocaChange


No matter what reason you want to hide your iPhone location, I believe that one of the methods introduced in this article will suit you. Now you understand how to hide location on iPhone, but if you are not sure which one to choose, then the location changer LocaChange would be the best choice. With it, hide your iPhone location and protect your privacy!

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