[4 Effective Methods] How to Pause Location on Find My iPhone?

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[4 Effective Methods] How to Pause Location on Find My iPhone?

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LocaChange-Freely Pause Location on Find My iPhone

1-click to pause location on Find My iPhone and completely hide your footprint without anyone knowing. Effectively protect your pravicy by LocaChange.

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Find My is a very useful feature for iPhone, you can use it to find the lost device location, share the location information with friends and family, and also remotely wipe the device data and so on. But it also has a drawback, that is, it may breach your privacy and cause data leaks.

how to pause location on find my iphone

To avoid the risks, sometimes we need to shut it down for a while. So how to pause location on find my iPhone?(During the iOS 13 update, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends have been renamed as Find My) In this article, I’ll introduce 4 efficient methods, all of which have been tested workable personally. Let’s continue.

Method 1: How to Pause Location on Find My iPhone by LocaChange[100% Working & Safe]

If you are not sure about how to pause location on Find My iPhone, then you can’t miss the wonderful iPhone location spoofer LocaChange. The theory of LocaChange is to fake GPS information, teleport you anywhere or fabricate a route/footprint with realistic speed and movement to hide your real location information, so that the location on your Find My is paused or changed.

After trying this app for several weeks, I find it practical and user-friendly. To turn off location on iPhone without them knowing, LocaChange offers different kinds of modes that satisfy all my needs. What’s more, now it has a free trial version for every user to experience.


Key Features of LocaChange

  • Simple steps to pause location on Find My iPhone. Effectively conceal your real footprint without anyone knowing.
  • You can use this app at both latset iOS 17 and Android 14 systems.
  • User-friendly interface and mutiple modes satisfy your different needs.
  • 1 click to teleport to any place in the world and protect your privacy.
  • You can adjust your moving speed and customize a route, making your footprint more realistic.
  • It supports most location-base apps, such as Tinder, Snapchat, Life360 and so on.

1010071 Users Downloaded

Here is how to use LocaChange to pause location on Find My:

Step 1 Download and install LocaChange on your iPhone:

Step 2 After installing LocaChange, launch it. Choose the teleport mode, select a location you want to spoof, then click move button and now your real location information is paused. No one would know your real location in Find My.

How to Pause Location on Find My iPhone by LocaChange


Want to master LocaChange better? Read this for details on how to take full advantage of it:

3 Mins to fully master LocaChange.

Method 2: How to Freeze Location on Find My iPhone by iPhone Settings

While you turn on location in the Find My app, it seems like others are watching you all the time. How to turn off my location? Besides using a spoofing app, you can also turn off location on Find My iPhone through iPhone settings.

Step 1 Go to Settings > Privacy & Secure > Location Services.

go to iphone location services

Step 2 You can choose to turn off whole location services by switching the upper button, or just turn off Find My in below.

turn off location services of find my

Step 3 If you want to hide your precise location, then turn off it, and you can also choose “Never” to completely shut it down.

turn off precise location

Method 3: How to Pause Your Location on Find My iPhone by Another Apple Device

If you have more than one Apple device, like a MacBook, an iPad or another iPhone, then you can set the location of another device as your location. This way your real location information will be hidden when you are using a private device.

Here are the steps:

Step 1 Log in to your Apple account to different devices at the same time.

Step 2 Open Find My app on the other device.

Step 3 Click the Me button in Find My.

Step 4 Choose this device as the one that shows your location information.

How to Pause Your Location on Find My iPhone by Another Apple Device

Method 4: How to Freeze Your Location on Find My iPhone by Toggling Airplane

How to pause location on find my iPhone? The last method is direct but workable. As we know, airplane mode can solve many iPhone problems related to privacy. So toggle airplane mode also helps to freeze location on Find My iPhone.

You can turn on airplane mode like this:

turn on iphone airplane mode

Related FAQs

How to Stop Sharing Location without Notifying iMessage?

Step 1 Open “Contacts” and choose the person from whom you want to hide your location.

Step 2 Click “Stop Sharing My Location” at the button.

click stop sharing my location in contacts

2.How to Know if Someone Stopped Sharing Location?

When someone stops sharing their location with you on his iPhone, the next time you try to access the Find Me app, you'll receive a No Location Available message. So you can judge through this way.


Find My app is truly convenient and useful, and it’s always up to you whether to turn off or turn on the location. I hope today’s blog is helpful and solves your problem on how to pause location on Find My iPhone.

If you want to try the most effective and reliable method, don’t hesitate to try the location changer LocaChange, you will be amazed once you use this app to spoof your iPhone location. Enjoy all the benefits of protecting your privacy.

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