[2024 Full Guide] How to Spoof Soundmap?

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[2024 Full Guide] How to Spoof Soundmap?

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how to spoof soundmap

Since its release, Soundmap the music game has become extremely popular among music lovers, and you can see people walking on the streets, watching their phones to check if there are rare and epic music songs nearby. However, it’s not always convenient for everyone to go out and play the game. How to spoof Soundmap? In today’s blog, I’m going to walk you through how to spoof in Soundmap on both iOS and Android systems, helping you master the game and quickly rank top 500. Let’s get started.

Part 1: Can I Spoof in Soundmap?

If you ask if is it possible to spoof in Soundmap, then congratulations, the answer is yes. Although the developer doesn’t encourage players to do so, there are particular circumstances such as disability, bad weather, area restrictions, and so on. So you may need to take some measures, like using the Soundmap Joystick to spoof in Soundmap and better enjoy the game and beautiful music.

In this case, to help all players have a chance to access the fun of the game, next I’ll introduce useful methods to spoof Soundmap on iOS and Android relatively, and tell you the details step by step.

trade epics songs in soundmap

Part 2: How to Spoof Soundmap on iPhone?

For iOS users who want to spoof in Soundmap on your iPhone, the location changer LocaChange is your best choice. LocaChange is a game spoofer that is specially designed for location-based games. It has four different modes: Teleport Mode, Joystick Mode, Two-spot Mode as well as Multi-spot Mode, which satisfy all your needs in the game.

You can not only teleport to anywhere instantly with 1 click, but also use the joystick, control your movement on screen or keyboard, and auto-walk to collect epic songs nearby. Also, it allows you to adjust your moving speed and has a cool-down timer that makes your footprint more realistic. Let’s see how to spoof in Soundmap by LocaChange and get more rare songs:


Key Features of LocaChange

  • LocaChange supports the most versatile spoofing feature, allowing you to teleport, auto-walk and plan routes in the Soundmap game.
  • You can move in Soundmap game without moving physically and collect more coins and rare music, giving you a significant advantage in the game.
  • It supports both the latest iOS 18 Beta and Android 15 systems, and suppots logging into 10 different devices at most.
  • It has two main Modes: the Specific Game Mode and the Universal Mode. You can not only use it to spoof in Soundmap, but also change your location in Snapchat, Whatsapp, Life360 and so on.
  • More than 1,000,000 users choose this location changer worldwide.

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Use Soundmap spoofing tool LocaChange to get an advantage:

Step 1: Download and install LocaChange Soundmap spoofer on your iPhone.

Step 2: Open LocaChange, choose any of the game mode/ universal mode and start spoofing.

spoof soundmap by locachange

Also, you can operate LocaChange on PC:

Step 1: Launch LocaChangee on your computer.

open soundmap spoofer app locachange on pc

Step 2: On the top right part, you can see the joystick button, click and start to change your location in Soundmap music game.

change location in soundmap by locachange on pc

Part 3: How to Spoof Soundmap on Android?

As one of the best GPS games 2024, Soundmap Android is available for Android users now, and you can find the latest Soundmap APK Android on Google Play. To Spoof in Soundmap on Android, you can use the mock location feature of your Android phone. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to spoof Soundmap :


LocaChange also supports Android devices. If you find the below method complicated to operate on your phone, you can try LocaChange to change the location in Soundmap on your Android device.

Step 1: Go to Settings > About Phone/Software Information. Scroll to find the build number.

find the build number on your android phone

Step 2: Tap the Build Number 7 times in a row. Then you can activate the developer options. When successful, you can see your Android saying “You are now a developer”.

tap the build number 7 times in a row

Step 3: Go to Settings again and turn on the “Allow mock location” button.

turn on allow mock location button

Step 4: Go to Google Play and install the Fake GPS location app on your phone.

install fake gps location app

Step 5: In developer options, enter “Mock location app” and choose the Fake GPS location app you just installed as the application.

choose a mock location app on your android

Step 6: Open the Fake GPS location app, now you can change your location on Android to anywhere. Choose the location you need, and start the Soundmap game, and enjoy Soundmap spoofing on Android.

spoof location in soundmap now

FAQs about Soundmap Spoofing

Is There a Free Soundmap Spoofer?

Yes, many free AR game spoofers offer free trial use on the market. You can compare and choose a Soundmap spoofer that you like on the App Store or Google Play. For example, the tool LocaChange has a free trial version. Even if you don’t buy the plan, you can experience the Teleport Mode, Two-spot Mode, and Muti-spot Mode 1 time for free, and the Joystick Mode 15 minutes for free.

How to Spoof Soundmap without Getting Banned?

When you spoof in Soundmap, you need to be careful and know the game’s terms of service. Remember not to change your location too frequently in the game. And you’d better log out before you teleport to far places. Also, follow the cool-down rules.

Although now the Soundmap official has not disclosed detailed information about cool-down time, we can still refer to Pokemon GO as Soundmap cool-down time:

Total Distance Waiting Period Total Distance Waiting Period
1 Km 1 Minute 125 Km 33 Minute
2 Km 1 Minute 150 Km 36 Minute
4 Km 2 Minute 180 Km 39 Minute
10 Km 8 Minute 200 Km 42 Minute
15 Km 11 Minute 300 Km 50 Minute
25 Km 15 Minute 500 Km 64 Minute
30 Km 18 Minute 600 Km 72 Minute
40 Km 22 Minute 700 Km 80 Minute
45 Km 23 Minute 800 Km 86 Minute
60 Km 25 Minute 1000 Km 100 Minute
80 Km 27 Minute 1250 Km 118 Minute
100 Km 30 Minute 1266+ Km 120+ Minute

Can I Spoof in Soundmap without Root or Jailbreak?

Yes, you can indeed root or jailbreak your Android/iOS devices to change location and spoof in Soundmap, but that is risky and may leak your personal information and do harm to your device. You can choose a more convenient and safer Soundmap spoofer such as LocaChange, which allows Soundmap spoofing without root or jailbreak.

The Last Words

Whether you are an iOS or Android user, you can find a suitable solution on how to spoof Soundmap in this article. Hope today’s sharing helps. And also don’t hesitate to try the tool LocaChange. It not only helps you change your location to anywhere in the music game, but also helps you to get coins and rare songs effortlessly, and topping among all the players!

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