[Newest] 3 Best Soundmap Hacks for Soundmap App 2024

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[Newest] 3 Best Soundmap Hacks for Soundmap App 2024

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LocaChange Soundmap Spoofer

Change Soundmap Location to anywhere with 1 Click. Use the 360-degree Soundmap joystick to auto-walk in Soundmap and get your favorite rare and epic songs.

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Soundmap App is a special location-based game released this year and it becomes really popular. The main gameplay is to walk to various designated locations on the map and unlock beautiful songs you might not have heard before. Also, you can seek the songs of your favorite artists. These days I’m also playing and love it! In this blog, I’ll introduce some effective Soundmap hacks, which can help you to understand how to spoof Soundmap and collect rare and epic items and music fast. Let’s get started.

Part 1: Are Soundmap Cheats Useful 2024?

Yes, just like most other best GPS games such as Pokemon GO, you can also cheat in the Soundmap app in 2024. Using a Soundmap spoofer helps you avoid geographical restrictions and expand the radius so that you can unlock more music. Soundmap hacks enhance your game experience because it is no longer need to walk around or travel far to access locations on the map that are filled with rare drops.

soundmap app epic songs

Originally, you needed to get to new places and unlock the songs one by one. But with Soundmap spoofing, you can explore more fresh things in a short time, and even collect your favorite music without leaving your house. Doesn’t that sound attractive?

Part 2: Best 3 Soundmap Hacks 2024 You Can't Miss

Soundmap Hacks Devices Supported Operation Steps Game Mode Anti-softban Safety Factor Rating
LocaChange 1-10 Devices Simple 98.8% starstarstarstarstar
iSpoofer Only 1 Complicated 84.5% starstarstarstar
ExpressVPN Only 1 Moderate 79.6% starstarstar

Tool 1 LocaChange [100% Working]

locachange soundmap hack

The most recommended Soundmap hack is LocaChange. As you can see from its name, the most distinct feature of LocaChange is to change your location, but hold on, there are even more. LocaChange is a spoofing app that is specially designed for GPS games, and it has a specific Game Mode to modify your location.

With LocaChange, you can easily teleport to anywhere you like without being detected, and you can even use the on-screen joystick to imitate real walking and control the footprint. You can utilize this feature to collect your favorite songs in the Soundmap music game.


Key Features of LocaChange

  • Unlike common Soundmap hacks, LocaChange allows you to 1-click teleport and use the joystick to seamlessly control your moving.
  • 360-degree free moving, getting to drops and unlocking more rare and epic songs in Soundmap music game.
  • An excellent iPhone location changer that supports both the latest iOS 17 and Android 14 systems and you can use it on 10 different devices.
  • It has cooling down timer and you can adjust the moving speed, which effectively protects your game account.
  • The Specific Game Mode support spoofing most location based games, including Soundmap, Pokemon GO, MHN and so on.

Use Soundmap hacks LocaChange to unlock more epics:

Step 1: Download and install LocaChange spoofer on your phone.

Step 2: Open LocaChange, choose the game mode or universal mode and start location spoofing.

hack soundmap by locachange

You can alos use LocaChange to change GPS location on Soundmap by PC:

Step 1: Launch LocaChangee app on your computer.

open soundmap hack app locachange on pc

Step 2: On the top right part, you can see the button, click and start to cheat in Soundmap music game.

cheat in soundmap by locachange on pc


  • It is versatile and has diverse features. You can use LocaChange to easily spoof Soundmap music game.
  • You can use the on-screen joystick to pretend that you're walking and unlock songs on the way.
  • The free trial is available for every user, and the paid plan is cost-effective.


  • If you want to use some more advanced features, you need to buy a plan.

Tool 2 iSpoofer [85% Working]

Among many GPS location spoofers on the market, iSpoofer is a good choice compared to other Soundmap hacks. iSpoofer was originally designed and used for the GPS game Pokemon GO only, however, with its strong feature in location hacking, you can also try to use it in the Soundmap game. Here are the steps to use iSpoofer to spoof Soundmap:

Step 1: Download iSpoofer on your computer and install.

download soundmap hacks ispoofer

Step 2: Follow the prompts and continue to download iTunes to your computer.(You need iTunes to download iSpoofer.)

download itunes to your pc

Step 3: Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable.

connect your phone to your computer

Step 4: When everything is ready, you can see a map showing on the screen. Choose a location and click "Move" button to hack Soundmap music game.

use ispoofer to hack soundmap


  • You can use iSpoofer to teleport in the game and collect far songs.
  • It's an old-brand app and many people are using iSpoofer to play Pokemon GO.


  • It may be not suitable for your device or the game Soundmap for everyone.
  • It's not very stable and secure, some users feedback their accounts are warned or banned.
  • It's relatively complicate to use and operate, and takes a lot of time.

Tool 3 ExpressVPN [70% Working]

In the music game Soundmap app, there are rare songs, shiny songs, and even epic songs, and the drops and random spawned in locations with high-density populations, such as parks and markets. If you are not in those places, you can also consider using a VPN to spoof Soundmap. Here I recommend ExpressVPN.

Step 1: Go to the ExpressVPN website and create an account. Then, download the VPN app and follow the installation instructions.

buy and download soundmap hacks expressvpn

Step 2: Open it and select the desired server location from the list to spoof Soundmap.

Step 3: Click the "Connect" button to connect VPN server, and disconnect when you no longer need to change location in Soundmap.

choose an expressvpn server


  • You can use a VPN to find music in other countries and continents.
  • It's very convenient, and you can connect or disconnect at any time.


  • Use a VPN can pretend that you are in a different country or region, but the location is not very precise.
  • It has no specific game mode to use a VPN, and players may have a bad game experience.
  • There're concerns of device safety and personal information leakage, and may cause the iPhone location wrong.

Part 3: FAQs about the Soundmap App

1. How to Get Coins on Soundmap?

In the Soundmap: the music game, you can spend $2 to buy 1 thousand coins and $100 for 100 thousand coins. What’s more, inviting a new player to the game will reward both of you with 1 thousand coins. Selling or converting songs you don’t like also earns you coins. Last but not least, you can find free coins in your daily drops.

2. How to Get Epics on Soundmap?

Epic songs in Soundmap are getting tougher to track down! According to Podair, the game's developer, these rare tracks are mostly found from other map drops these days. They seem to be much less common than shiny songs. On top of that, only songs with Spotify Canvas (visual artwork displayed during playback) qualify for an epic version.

To get epics more efficiently, you can also use the spoofing tool LocaChange to teleport to locations with rare songs.

3. Are There Helpful Soundmap Tips?

Tip 1: Soundmap rarity of the music is very important in the game. Songs are marked with their rarity next to the artist and title, including common, uncommon, rare, and epic. The more rare the song is, the more expensive it is in the game.

Tip 2: While Soundmap drops can appear anywhere, some locations are more likely to yield specific music, especially rarer songs. Locations like central business districts, famous parks, and densely populated zones, tend to have a higher concentration of song drops overall.

Tip 3: For Android players, you can play Soundmap Android on your devices now. Go to Google Play, download the app and enjoy your music journey!


In today’s blog I introduce 3 best Soundmap hacks this year. If you used to play the game moving around your city hard, and want to have an easier way to enjoy it, you can use the location changer LocaChange to spoof Soundmap. It can save a lot of time and effort, and make your music-collecting journey more fun!

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