[2024] Soundmap Android: the Latest Updates and News

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[2024] Soundmap Android: the Latest Updates and News

soundmap android

Since the Soundmap game was launched on the app store, it has been well-received by many gamers and music lovers. As I write this blog, more than 8,000 players have given a 4.5 rating in the App Store. However, the problem is that now the game only supports the iOS system, when can we enjoy Soundmap Android?

In today’s blog, I will talk about this and share the latest news of Soundmao official team, as well as some of my personal opinions and predictions. I hope this can help you and fill the huge market for Android users. Let's start!

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Part 1: A Brief Introduction to Soundmap Game

What is Soundmap app? To put it simply, the Soundmap game is an innovative music app that turns your world into a musical playground, placing songs on a map for you to explore. As you explore, new tracks emerge, bringing you a unique journey of musical discovery.

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You can stumble upon rare and exclusive songs scattered across different locations, building a diverse collection. Connect with friends and users all over the world to exchange songs and enhance the joy of music discovery.

It is like the GPS game Pokemon GO, and you need to walk to collect your songs and trade with other players. Soundmap iOS is very popular now, and this is why people expect to enjoy Soundmap Android, too. Let’s see users’ expectations of the Soundmap app Android.

Part 2: Expectations for Soundmap Android among Users

Despite SoundMap currently only supporting iOS systems, Android users are also eager to join. This highlights their demand, implying it's a huge market. Many people have expressed their desire on forums and Reddit to be able to play Soundmap on Android. And some people are now waiting for the day to come.

An Android user on Reddit is asking the developers if they are developing an Android version of Soundmap, and it seems that he has waited for long.

soundmap android app discussion on reddit

Some Android players also express dissatisfaction with Soundmap's iOS-only support and hope for Soundmap Android support as soon as possible.

soundmap ios

There are even some music enthusiasts who, influenced by their friends, really want to play Soundmap game Android on their phones as well.

questions about soundmap android

Part 3: Analysis of Developer Response to Soundmap for Android

As one of the best GPS games 2024, Soundmap Android is many players's expectation, so when will it be released on earth? The answer is in the summer of 2024, according to the developer of the game.

A player in the official Discord revealed that he had seen several mentions of Android becoming added. Given how regularly the app is updated, several modders have speculated that Android may launch in the early summer, although it may arrive sooner.

release date of soundmap android

More importantly, on the official Instagram of the developer of the Soundmap game, there is a post saying that their technical people are working hard now for the next updates of Soundmap the music game Android. So you don’t need to worry about whether it will come out, and it’s only a matter of time.

official response to soundmap android on intagram

Also, after I searched the Soundmap team online, there’s some useful news about Soundmap Android. One member of the team says that they’re making the hottest music game now, and currently, it’s top 5 on the app store and come to Android soon, expected within a few months.

soundmap android news on linkedin

Since the Android version is coming soon, I want to address the potential issues regarding the expansion of Soundmap to Android in the future. While the community growth is exciting, there are significant risks, such as hackers exploiting the system to replicate rare songs, which could seriously harm the in-app economy and devalue our collections.

One possible solution is to create separate servers for Android and iOS users. This approach makes it easier for developers to monitor and address platform-specific issues. Some may worry about community fragmentation, but given the large number of Android users, there will be no shortage of engagement on the Android server. Both platforms will continue to have active communities.

While separate servers may seem somewhat excessive, preserving the enjoyment of Soundmap for all users is a good choice.

Part 4: About Soundmap Android, People Also Concern

1.When will Soundmap Android Apk Come out?

According to the Soundmap developer’s response on Instagram, the Android version of the Soundmap game will be released in the summer of 2024. If nothing unexpected happens, you can enjoy the game on Android in the following months.

2.How to Play Soundmap Android?

Unfortunately, for now, you can’t play Soundmap on Android devices, as the game only supports iOS systems. However, Android support will be available shortly in summer in 2024. So you can play the game on iOS first, and enjoy walking, collecting music as well as trading music with friends.

3.Will Soundmap Android be Free to Download and Play?

Yes, just like the iOS version, the Android version of Soundmap music game will be free to download and play, you can enjoy the game without spending any money. You can also choose to buy coins with your money in the game, which can buy more rare music and even epics.

Must-Know: How to Prepare for Soundmap Android in Advance?

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Okay, this is all the content about Soundmap Android today. Although now the game only supports the iOS version, it’s just temporary, and not for very long you can also play the game on Android devices. If you want to prepare for it and get your favorite epic songs, don’t forget to try the location changer LocaChange, which is specially designed to enhance your gaming experience.


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