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Whenever you play Pokemon GO, you often need to walk, ride, or drive to collect Pokemon everywhere. But with the increasing development of technology, there are many methods to help you. For example, using tools to teleport is an effort-saving way. However, if you operate improperly, it could put your game account in danger because there are many insecure Pokemon GO spoofers or VPNs on the market.

how to teleport in pokemon go

To help you solve this problem and ease your mind, in today’s blog I’m going to talk about how to teleport in Pokemon GO safely and effectively in 2024. Read this article and you will know the guaranteed ways for both iOS and Android devices.

In this article:

Part 1: Advantages of Teleport in Pokemon GO

Teleportation in Pokemon Go can bring a lot of benefits and convenience to players, and I list a few of my favorites:

  • Catch more rare Pokemon. In the Pokemon GO game, Pokemon are distributed based on geographic locations, so some Pokemon are unique to certain regions. If you want to catch rare Pokemon that isn't available in local, you can teleport to catch one. There are specific areas where you can catch premium Pokemon, including the Colosseum, Zaragoza, Big Ben , Shibuya, and Central Park, just to name a few.
  • teleport in pokemon go to catch rare pokemon

  • Find more PokeStops and Gym battles. Some areas are densely populated with Pokestops and Gyms, while others are less so. If you are in an area with few Pokestops and Gyms, teleportation can help you overcome this disadvantage.
  • teleport in pokemon go to access gym battles

  • Participate in global events. Pokemon GO often hosts special events in several countries or cities. By changing your virtual location, you can participate in these events anywhere, anytime.
  • Play Pokemon GO at home without walking. By teleporting in Pokemon GO, you can play the game from the comfort of your home, which comes in handy when the weather is bad, or when you're sick.

Part 2: How to Teleport in Pokemon GO?

Teleport Tool Supported Systems Steps Special Game Mode Anti-softban Mechanism Success Rate Users Rating
LocaChange iOS, Android, Window, Mac 3 Steps yes yes 95% starstarstarstarstar
Fake GPS Location Android 4 Steps no no 78.9% starstarstar

1 Teleport in Pokemon GO on iOS

Fake location on iphone by LocaChange

If you want to know how to teleport in Pokemon GO on your iPhone, then LocaChange is the most reassuring answer. LocaChange can not only teleport safely but also has more advanced features for you to explore, like customized routes, the PokeStop map, the cool-down timer, and so on.

With LocaChange, you can teleport in Pokemon GO to anywhere in the world in 1 click and catching Pokemon thousands of kilometers away without leaving your home:

locachange location spoofer
locachange icon

Key Features of LocaChange

  • Supports 1-click teleport to any Pokemon GO locations without area restrictions. You can enjoy playing the game at home effortlessly.
  • Support both the latest iOS 17 and Android 14 systems, and it's frequently updated for more new advanced features.
  • Besides teleport mode, it can also auto-walk & auto catch Pokemon, helps you master the game better.
  • The automatical cooldown timer feature and adjustable speed feature prevents your account from soft-ban.
  • Every one can try the free version before buying a plan.

Follow this guide and try LocaChange for free:

Step 1:Download and install LocaChange on your iPhone.

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Step 2: After installing LocaChange, launch it. Then click the LocaChange icon on your screen and open it.

LocaChange icon on iphone

Step 3: Connect your iPhone to the PC. Choose the Teleport Mode, enter the location you want to change and start the teleportation.

Choose the teleport mode on LocaChange

Tap on the Teleport Mode, then your GPS location will change accordingly. Now you have successfully teleported to the place you want, hesitate no more and start your Pokemon Go journey without location worries!

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2 Teleport in Pokemon GO on Android



LocaChange is also compatible with Android devices. It's safe and convenient to teleport in Pokemon GO, and spoof Pokemon GO on Android without root.”

It's easier to teleport on Android than on iOS because the Android system is relatively more open, so here I suggest you use the app Fake GPS Location. How do I teleport in pokemon go on Android? Here is the guide:

Step 1:Before using this app, you need to open "Developer Options" and "USB Debugging" on your Android device to allow a simulated location.

developer options

Step 2: Go to Google Play to download and open the Fake GPS Location app.

downloa fake gps location

Step 3: Enter the desired virtual location in the search box at the top right corner and click the search button.

enter the desired virtual location

Step 4: Afterconfirming, the map will be switched to the set virtual location, then you can finish the Android location spoof and start teleporting.

Part 3: Tips You Should Know Before Teleporting in Pokemon GO

Tips 1 Remember to Log out before Teleporting in Pokemon GO

It’s dangerous to directly teleport in Pokemon GO while you are playing the game. This is because frequent location changes can cause monitoring and suspicion of the system, and you may even be warned, which causes Pokemon GO failed to detect location, or get a soft-ban. To avoid the possible account strike, you should sign out before you start to teleport. And many tests result show that using LocaChange would largely decrease the possibility of soft-ban.

Tips 2 Toggle Airplane Mode when You Teleport in Pokemon GO

In most cases, turn on and off airplane mode on your phone helps a lot to reduce the game detection. So before teleportation, you can try this way out, too.

toggle airplane mode

Tips 3 Learn about Cool-down time

The cooldown time is the interval of time that must be waited after completing an action to perform the next in the game. After Teleporting or catching a Pokemon, a cooldown time is triggered and you must wait for this time before performing it again.

Total Distance Waiting Period Total Distance Waiting Period
1 Km 1 Minute 125 Km 33 Minute
2 Km 1 Minute 150 Km 36 Minute
4 Km 2 Minute 180 Km 39 Minute
10 Km 8 Minute 200 Km 42 Minute
15 Km 11 Minute 300 Km 50 Minute
25 Km 15 Minute 500 Km 64 Minute
30 Km 18 Minute 600 Km 72 Minute
40 Km 22 Minute 700 Km 80 Minute
45 Km 23 Minute 800 Km 86 Minute
60 Km 25 Minute 1000 Km 100 Minute
80 Km 27 Minute 1250 Km 118 Minute
100 Km 30 Minute 1266+ Km 120+ Minute

Part 4: Hot FAQs about Pokemon GO Teleport Apps

1 Can You Get Banned for Teleporting in Pokemon GO?

Yes, using teleportation in Pokemon GO can lead to a ban if detected by the game's anti-cheat measures. If a player is caught teleporting, they may receive a warning or be banned temporarily or permanently from the game. However, you can avoid soft-ban by choosing a proper teleport app and using it wisely.

pokemon go account ban

2 What’s the Best Pokemon GO Teleport App?

In fact, each app has its own features and strengths, so it’s hard to judge which one is the best. But based on my many years of Pokemon GO game experience and software experience, I would like to recommend LocaChange the most. Because it’s safe, simple, and user-friendly.


Teleport in Pokemon GO is a technical thing. It's filled with risks but we Pokemon GO players can’t help to try. In this article, I talked about the benefits of teleporting, preventive measures to avoid soft-ban, as well as how to teleport in Pokemon GO on both iOS and Android systems and hope these contents are of help to you.

By the way, you can also try the location changer Locachange app. It supports a one-click location spoof function and helps you to catch more rare Pokemon and acquire free coins. More importantly, it offers a free trial version now, so what are you waiting for?

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