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“I don't want to look for them myself, how to find a PokeStop quickly? Are there any good and useful PokeStop maps that help?”

From time to time I see Pokemon GO players asked questions like this. Finding and accessing a new PokeStop indeed takes a lot of time and energy. Sometimes we’re just too busy searching for them by ourselves. Can we resort to a Pokemon GO Pokestop map?

As a matter of fact, the answer is absolutely YES. In this article, I’m gonna tell you how to choose a good Pokemon Go map with PokeStops, as well as the best PokeStop maps that you can’t miss in 2024. Let’s start.

pokemon go pokestop map

In this article:

Part 1: How to Choose a Good Pokemon GO PokeStop Map

Picking a suitable tool is never an easy task. If you choose the wrong one, it will waste a lot of time and there’s even the risk of account banning. Next, I’m going to talk about the factors that you should care about before making your decision, all based on my many years of experience playing Pokemon GO and using the maps.

1 Safety

Keep in mind that the safety and security of the tool always come first. Using unsecured third-party maps may result in serious consequences. Sometimes it’s a soft ban and you can do actions like catch Pokemon or acquire items. What’s more, if your account is detected and banned, you may not be able to log in to the game for some while.

pokemon go soft ban

2 Accuracy

You should look for a PokeStop finder that provides accurate and up-to-date information about PokeStops. For example, you want an Umbreon Pokemon GO and need to catch Eevee, then it would be akward if the map shows inaccurate info. Some PokeStop maps are too old to use. So just check user reviews and feedback to examine the map's reliability.

3 Range

As far as I know, many PokeStop maps are restricted to a certain area. If your position is not in its service range, then you can’t use the tool, otherwise, you may need to spoof your location to use it. This would be inconvenient for you to play the game.

map range

4 Cost

Please note that not all the PokeStop maps are free. Actually, many of them only provide a limited free version, and if you want to use more advanced features, you have to pay for it. So estimate your budget and compare them more, then choose a proper one for yourself.

Part 2: What's the Best Map of PokeStops for Pokemon GO?

Now you know how to pick a map tool to seek PokeStops nearby. Next, I’ll introduce some popular Pokemon GO PokeStop maps in 2024. Read carefully and you’ll learn about them.

Tips 1 PoGoMap


PoGoMap is a popular third-party tool that provides you with a real-time map of the game. It shows the location of nearby PokeStops, Gyms, and Pokemon. PoGoMap is a community-driven platform with data voluntarily contributed by players and often provides reliable information to help players find the resources and Pokemon they need in-game.

Tips 2 Pokelytics


The Pokelytics is another Pokemon Go pokestops map. Compared to many other maps, the advantage of Pokelytics is that it covers most countries around the world. Besides offering information on PokeStops and Gyms, it also has a lot of analytics tools for evaluating Pokemon's Individual Value (IV), calculating the probability of hatching eggs(which is beneficial to getting incubators in Pokemon GO) and quests, and tracking game progress.

Tips 3 Community Day Map

community day map

Whether you are looking for a PokeStop map, a Pokemon GO Routes map, or a Pokemon map, this tool can satisfy your demand. It is usually a map resource available during a specific event and is designed to help players find highly productive locations for Pokemon and other items.

Tips 4 Pokemap


Pokemap is also one of the best PokeStop maps that is frequently used and updated by Pokemon GO players. It’s one of the most popular tools and has numerous faithful users, so there would be many new places and PokeStops around your vicinity every day. If you want to explore more interesting places nearby, then you can try it.

Part 3: How to Access the Best Pokemon Go Locations Instantaneously?

Although using a map can help us locate a PokeStop quickly, exploring it in person can still be a painful thing. Is there any way we can get there without any trouble? Well, congratulations that you read here. In fact, you can try the location changer LocaChange, which helps you get to any PokeStops on the map with just 1 click.

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Key Features of LocaChange

  • Built-in Pokemon Nest Map: The latest version of LocaChange supports the pokemon nest map feature.
  • Powerful: Teleport to any Pokemon GO places with 1 click so that you can access far PokeStops.
  • Customized: Customize and auto-walk Poke GO Routes and visit PokeStops intelligently.
  • Block-proof: Auto-control speed and movement. Prevent your account from Pokemon GO soft ban.
  • Multi-devices: Suooprt muti-devices, including iOS, Android, mac, windows, etc.
  • Discounted Pokecoins: You can buy cheap pokecoins with LocaChange.
  • Free trial: You can try LocaChange to access the PokeStops for free.

You can follow this guide to try it for free:

Step 1:Download and install LocaChange on your Phone.

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Step 2: Open LocaChange APP, launch it and choose the mode you like. Select the location you want to fake. Click Move button, then it will walk and find PokeStops automatically.

open LocaChange on android

By the way, you can also change location for iOS/Android devices on PC with 1-click!


Part 4: Hot FAQs about Map of PokeStops in Pokemon Go

1 Does It Violate the Terms of Services if Using a PokeStop Map?

Using a PokeStop map does not violate the terms of services of Niantic. But if you use third-party software to cheat and engage in fraudulent activities in the game, it probably violates the game regulations.

2 Where to Download the PokeStop Maps?

Some maps do not need to be downloaded and can be used by visiting the official website and logging in online. For other tools, you can download and install them by visiting their official website and finding the download address.

3 Does Using LocaChange Affect the Use of the Maps?

No, not at all. Actually, LocaChange is more like an assistant to the map. When you locate a good PokeStop where you want to go, you can use LocaChange to get there quickly and don’t have to walk physically. So you can completely feel free to use them together.


For your convenience, in today’s blog, I introduce how to choose an appropriate Pokemon GO PokeStop map, as well as the best maps in 2024. Hope it would be helpful to you. Also, don’t forget to try the amazing Pokemon GO helper LocaChange, a 100% secure and convenient app!

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