[2024] How to Get Incubators in Pokemon GO?

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[2024] How to Get Incubators in Pokemon GO?

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how to get incubators in pokemon go

If you are a seasoned Pokemon GO player, you must know the importance of the Pokemon GO incubator. You can use an incubator to hatch your eggs and acquire new Pokemon. As we all know, without an incubator, even if you walk, you can’t hatch new Pokemon from eggs. How to get incubators in Pokemon?

In today’s blog, I’ll introduce several easy ways to help you get more incubators in Pokemon, as well as a useful tool -LocaChange that allows you to hatch Pokemon GO eggs without walking and helps you better master the game. Let’s start.

Part 1: Can You Get Incubators in Pokemon GO for Free?

In Pokemon GO, the incubator is crucial for unlocking new Pokemon and registering your Pokedex, and there are many ways to get incubators, including freeways. Although in many cases you need to pay and buy the different items in Pokemon GO with Pokecoins, there are still possibilities for free players. For example, the most direct way is to get incubators through leveling up and flipping PokeStops (although very rare). Also, if you want to save time and increase efficiency, you can learn how to buy cheap Pokecoins and purchase an incubator.

Part 2: [5 Ways] How to Get Pokemon GO Incubators?

Now let’s dive into how to get an incubator in Pokemon GO. The following are 5 methods that are practical for all Trainers.

Method 1 Get Incubators as Rewards from Leveling up

level up to get pokemon go incubator as rewards

To encourage players to play the game more, Pokemon GO will reward you when you level up, and these rewards usually include PokeBalls, revives, incense, and so on. And incubator is also included. You can get 1 free incubator when you successfully level to LV 10, LV 15, LV 25, and LV 35, 2 free incubators for LV 20, and 3 free incubators for LV 30. What’s more, if you get to LV 40, you can earn 4 free incubators.

Method 2 Acquire free Pokecoins at Gyms and Buy

earn free pokecoins at gym and buy incubators

If you think leveling up is too slow and takes time, you can buy incubators with Pokecoins. Every incubator costs 150 Pokecoins, which is about $1.5. It is not very expensive, but many a little makes a mickle. If you buy an incubator every time you hatch eggs, it costs much. So you can get free Pokecoins by putting your Pokemon in Gyms for at least 8 hours. You can collect 50 free Pokecoins by this way. That means every 3 days, you can buy an incubator in Pokemon GO without spending any money.

Method 3 Get Pokemon GO Incubators from Special Events

get incubators during special christmas event

There are many events and special activities in Pokemon GO in which you can collect incubators. The most recommended one is the Christmas time. Take the past activity as an example, during Christmas, you can get 1 free normal incubator every day at PokeStops. And the activity usually lasts for 2 weeks or even longer, which means you have a chance to collect a dozen of free incubators.

Method 4 Seek out Limited-time Shop Deals

get incubator at time limited shop offers

Niantic holds special promotions from time to time, such as anniversaries, events, and other important dates. You can keep an eye on that and get discounted or even free incubators at the shop. The in-game activities give more chances for players to buy items at a lower price.

Additionally, if you are a returned player (You have a Pokemon GO account but haven’t logged in for a long time), sometimes Niantic sends you an email saying you’re missed. The email usually contains a promo code for some freebies. If you are lucky enough, you can catch this chance to get a free incubator.

Method 5 Open Gifts from Friends

open gifts from friends to get incubators in pokemon go

Pokemon GO is a social game, you can associate with other people and expand your social network. You can exchange items and send gifts to others, and other people can also send gifts to you. You should also keep in mind that the higher your friendship is, the better gifts you can exchange in the game. So interact with your friends more and build your friendship to get more incubators.

Part 3: Tips for Using Incubators More Effectively

Incubators are hard to acquire if you play the game for a long time. And every incubator is only usable for 3 times. So you need to use every incubator wisely and effectively. Here are 3 suggestions.

Suggestion 1: To maximize the return on investment of every incubator, you should use the incubator on the rarest or most invaluable eggs. Usually, the longer-distance egg is more precious.

Suggestion 2: You can place your eggs at a similar or the same distance into different incubators at the same time. Through this way, you can save a lot of effort and increase efficiency.

Suggestion 3: Use incubators during special events or special bonuses (such as increased stardust or XP) to get more benefits. For example, activate a Pokemon GO lucky egg when you hatch eggs.

Part 4: Use LocaChange to Hatch Eggs Without Walking

When you have a lot of eggs to hatch, but with few incubators, you may need to use the infinite incubator to hatch eggs one by one, which means that you need to walk for a very long distance! To help you shorten the walking distance and hatch eggs without walking, here I recommend the Pokemon GO spoofer-- LocaChange. It has been tested 100% safe to use and you can use LocaChange to auto-walk in the game, hatching eggs without leaving your house.


Key Features of LocaChange

  • When you hatch eggs in Pokemon Go with an incubator, LocaChange frees you from walking.
  • 1 click to teleport in Pokemon GO to any where, allowing you to catch Pokemon in far places.
  • It has advanced features of Pokemon GO game, such as PvP finder, IV checker, built-in PokeStop map, cooldown-timer and so on.
  • LocaChange supports the latest iOS 18 Beta and Android 15 systems.
  • More than 10,00,000 Pokemon GO players' choices.

Use LocaChange to hatch eggs at home:

Step 1:Download LocaChange on your iOS or Android mobile phone.

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Step 2:Open the app and you'll find the Game Mode. Choose Pokemon GO and start location spoofing.

use spoofer locachange to hatch eggs in pokemon go

Use LocaChange on your PC:

Step 1: Connet your mobile phone to your PC, and start Pokemon GO to fake GPS.

choose game mode on LocaChange on your PC

Step 2: Select Teleport Mode and change your location now.

spoof in pokemon go by locachange on pc

FAQs about Pokemon GO Incubators

1.Can I Have Multiple Infinite Incubators in Pokemon GO?

No, in Pokemon GO, every trainer can get only one infinite incubator when you start to play the game for the first time. And the infinite incubator can hatch only 1 egg every time. To increase hatching efficiency, you can buy more incubators at Pokeshop to hatch more eggs at the same time. However, the incubators you buy with Pokecoins will break after 3 uses.

2.What’s the Difference Between an Incubator and a Super Incubator?

Price difference: The incubator is 150 Pokecoins while Super Incubator is 200 Pokecoins.

Efficiency difference: The Super incubator is 1/3 more efficient than the normal one, which means you can hatch eggs with a shortened distance and time.

3.Can I Get an Incubator in Pokemon GO From Gifts?

Yes, opening gifts from friends is a good way to get incubators in Pokemon GO. You can open up to 30 gifts from friends, and the higher your friendship level is, the more possibility you can get an incubator through gifts. So building up friendships with other players is an important tactic in the game.

Final Words

Today I introduce 5 methods on how to get incubators in Pokemon GO, as well as some suggestions to make your incubators more effective. If you find these methods useful, don’t forget to save this article for future use. Also, you can try the location changer LocaChange to help you save time and energy, hatching eggs without walking anymore.

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