[2024 Update] Monster Hunter Now Special Skill Guide-Everything to Know

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[2024 Update] Monster Hunter Now Special Skill Guide-Everything to Know

monster hunter now special skill

Attention all new hunters to Monster Hunter Now! Do you still not know how to use Monster Hunter Now Special Skill? This will seriously affect your hunting and battles in the monster world. In today’s article, I’ll provide you with a detailed explanation of MH Now Special Skill, including its corresponding weapons, how to unlock them, and how to make the most use of them. Are you ready to explore with me? Let’s move on.

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Part 1:  What is a Special Skill in Monster Hunter Now?

For new players to Monster Hunter Now, Special Skills may seem unfamiliar at first. You may not know what this name refers to. In fact, it stands for weapon ultimate skills in the game, commonly known as special moves.

In Monster Hunter Now, players can choose from many weapons with different attributes and functions. When facing different monsters, you can use different weapons to deal with them. Using weapons that are more effective against monsters can make hunting easier and smoother. However, Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now are not available from the beginning.

use monster hunter now special skill in the battle

You have to unlock them by overgrading your weapons to G2 level. You need to accumulate the SP gauge by dealing damage to use your Monster Hunter Now Special Skill. Once the gauge is full, you can unleash the skill. Moreover, during the animation of using the skill, you’ll be in an invincible state and won't be attacked or damaged by monsters.

Part 2:  How to Use Monster Hunter Now Special Skill?

2.1 The Analysis of MH Now Weapon Special Skills

Weapon How to Unlock Special Skill SP Description
Sword and Shield Starting weapon Perfect Rush Combo Dive into the enemy with a rapid barrage of strikes and smashes.
Great Sword Finish Chapter 2, Part 1 and starting Chapter 2, Part 2 True Charged Slash Concentrate all bodily strength into a devastating slashing attack.
Bow Finish Chapter 2, Part 3 and starting Chapter 3 Dragon Piercer Channel all body strength to release an arrow capable of piercing through any obstacle.
Long Sword Finish Chapter 2, Part 3 and starting Chapter 3 Spirit Helm Breaker Ascend into the sky and descend upon foes with this lethal secret technique.
Dual Blades Unlock During Chapter 2 Heavenly Blade Dance Execute a sequence of deadly attacks that ascend high into the air, cleaving through monsters.
Hammer Finish Chapter 2, Part 3 and starting Chapter 3 Spinning Bludgeon Harness the rotational force of the hammer to deliver a crushing blow.
Lance Unlock During Chapter 2 Dash Attack Employ a lethal, high-speed thrust that breaches all defenses.
Light Bowgun Finish Chapter 2, Part 3 and starting Chapter 3 Wyvernblast Counter Unleash a single shot, harnessing the full destructive power of Wyvernblast ammo.

2.2 Conditions to Use Monster Hunter Now Special Skills

Condition 1: The weapon must be overgraded to at least level 2 (G2).

Condition 2: Hunter rank (HR) must reach HR 11.

Condition 3: Accumulate the SP gauge by dealing damage to monsters.

2.3 Steps to Use Monster Hunter Now Special Skill

Step 1: Overgrade your weapon and get your special skills

You can unlock special skills if your weapon is strong enough. To get the Perfect Rush Combo Special Skill early in the game, overgrade your Sword and Shield to Grade 2. Remember that you need to have this overgraded weapon equipped to use the special skill. You can use PGSharp MH Now to do this quickly.

overgrade weapon and get monster hunter now special skill

Step 2: Deal damage to the monster and fill up the SP gauge

When you’re equipped with a weapon that has a Special Skill, you'll see the Special Gauge above your hunter's health. The gauge fills up as you deal damage. Plus, if you have the Concentration equipment skill, your Special Gauge recharges faster.

deal damage to monster and fill special skill gauge


You can continue to use the SP gauge in your next hunt.

To get ready for tough hunts in Monster Hunter Now, you can fill up the Special Gauge by battling Small Monsters or easier Large Monsters because it carries over to your next hunt. Having a Special Skill ready can be a big help when facing tougher enemies.

Step 3: Tap the yellow SP Gauge and unleash your SP Skill

After filling up the Special Gauge, tap it to activate your Special Skill. Using the Special Skill will drain the gauge, and it will only recharge after the skill's effect wears off.

tap special skill gauge and unleash monster hunter now special skill

Part 3: Add the Finishing Touch: Use MH Now Special Skill with a Spoofer

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open locachange to get monster hunter now special skills quickly

Also, you can change Monster Hunter Now location for iOS/Android devices on PC with 1-click:

Step 1:Open LocaChange on PC and choose the Game Mode.

open locachange app on pc

Step 2:Select the Teleport Mode and choose the location or coordinate you want to spoof.

select the monster huner now location you want to spoof

Part 4: FAQs about Special Skills on MH Now Reddit

1.How to Unlock Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now?

To unlock Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now, you need to level up to 11(HR 11) and overgrade your weapon to level 2 at least. Each weapon has a different Special Skill, and you can choose according to the monster’s weakness.

2.Why Can't I Use MH Now Special Skills?

There are 4 possible reasons:

1: Your HR level or weapon level might has not met the requirement so you can’t use MH Now Special Skill.

2: Another reason for not being able to use MH Now SP skills is a game bug. In this case, you can shut down the game completely and restart it to fix the bug.

3: When you are playing an older version of the game and not updated, it may also prevent you from using SP Skills.

4: Check if there are system prompts like "Monster Hunter Now not Compatible" or "Monster Hunter Now Searching for GPS Signal" when logging into your account.

If these methods are not workable, you can report your issue to the official support and wait for a resolution from Niantic.

3.What Does Special Boost Do in Monster Hunter Now?

Special Boost is an equipment skill in MH Now, and it can increase the damage of special skills. Special Boost Skill increases the damage of your Special Skill by 10%/15%/20%/25%/30% at level 1/2/3/4/5.

4.Can I Spoof in Monster Hunter Now?

Yes, spoofing in Monster Hunter Now opens a door to a new world. You’ll enjoy the benefits of 1-click to change your location to anywhere, as well as hunting different monsters without regional restriction. You can swiftly overgrade your weapons and get special skills. Doesn’t that sound thrilling to you?


In today’s article, we discuss what Monster Hunter Now Special Skill is and how to use it. After this new Monster Hunter series game is released, it is loved by so many new and old fans, because finally we can play the game on phones now.

The above are today’s sharing about NMH Special Skill, and if you want to have an even better experience, don’t forget to try the free trial location changer LocaChange. 100% working and safe. 

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