[2024] Monster Hunter Now Hack--The Ultimate Guide

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[2024] Monster Hunter Now Hack--The Ultimate Guide

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LocaChange-The Secret Weapon to Hack Monseter Hunter Now

Hack MHN on your iOS/Android devices and teleport to any hunting areas in the word with 1 click. Try this powerful and safe MHN hacking assistant for free.

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In the AR game Monster Hunter Now, you can choose to have a thrilling hunt alone or team up with others to hunt large magical creatures. Simple tap control with HD graphics allows you to perform hunting activities wherever you go. But there is one disadvantage: you need to travel to different areas and hunt monsters based on your real location.

monster hunter now hack

Is there any way to enjoy the game when it’s not convenient for you to go out and walk? In today’s blog, I’m going to talk about this and tell you how to hack Monster Hunter Now to help you better play the game. 

Part 1: The Benefits of Hacking Monster Hunter Now

To hack Monster Hunter Now is undoubtedly beneficial to players, as it enhances the gaming experience and brings multiple benefits:

Enjoy Playing the Game in Different Regions: After hacking Monster Hunter Now, you are not restrained in your local area. Instead, you can explore far places, get stronger weapons, and hunt more powerful monsters.

hack monster hunter now to play in different areas

No Waiting: In Monster Hunter Now, there are respawns and reset times. You need to wait before you can encounter large monsters or other important elements again. But if you go hacking, then waiting is no longer a problem for you.

Level Up Quickly: By hacking MH Now and switching locations, you can find more collectibles and monsters, accumulate in-game resources faster, and upgrade your weapons and skills in the game.

All these benefits mean you can improve your gameplay more efficiently and experience more of what the game has to offer.

Part 2: How to Hack Monster Now?

Next, I will discuss how to hack Monster Hunter Now. Whether you play the game on iPhone or Android, you will find the best solution that suits you. Read carefully and let’s begin.

The time-saving total review:

MHN Hack Tool Systems Operation Success Rate Risk Avoidance Free Trial Rating
LocaChange iOS and Android 2 steps 99.9%

Cool-down timer

Realistic move


NordVPN Android only 4 steps 65% None starstarstar
iPogo iOS only 6 steps 70% None starstarstar

Tips 1 LocaChange [iOS & Android]

Points for combining together:

If you can't go out and play the game for some reasons, then here I introduce you to a powerful Monster Hunter Now spoofer LocaChange.

LocaChange is the top solution for Monster Hunter Now GPS hack. It allows you to explore new hunting areas all over the world from the comfort of your house and discover elusive creatures without being banned. Say goodbye to geographical restriction and hello to a world of infinite possibilities.


Key Features of LocaChange

  • Hack Monster Hunter Now with 1 click. Teleport to any hunting areas in the world instanly.
  • Support the latest iOS 17 and Android 15 systems.
  • Special Game Mode offers the fantastic assitance to you, level up quickly and acquire powerful MH Now special skill.
  • Cool-down timer and adjustable speed safeguard your game account, say no to the problem of Monster Hunter Now searching for GPS signal or softban.
  • Free trial is available for every user.

1027120 Users Downloaded

You can follow this guide to try it for free:

Step 1:Download and install LocaChange on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Open LocaChange app, choose the game mode and select the location you want to fake. Click Move button, then it will hack Monster Hunter Now.

open locachange app on phone to hack monster hunter now

By the way, you can also hack Monster Hunter Now location for iOS/Android devices on PC with 1-click:

Step 1:Open LocaChange and choose the game mode.

open locachange app on pc to hack monster hunter now

Step 2:Select Teleport Mode and enter the MHN location you want to spoof.

select a monster huner now location


  • It has the special Game Mode that especially designed for Monster Hunter Now, and you can use it to enhence your game experience.
  • Whether you are using Android or iOS systems, LocaChange can seamless support the devices and hack MH Now with 1 click.
  • LocaChange offers the limited free trial version for every user.


  • You need to buy the VIP plan to try the more advanced features.

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Tips 2 NordVPN [Android Only]

Points for combining together:

For Android users, you can also use a VPN program to cheat in Monster Hunter Now. However, it should be noted that VPN is complicated to operate and the security is yet to be considered. Here I suggest trying NordVPN.

You can follow this guide:

Step 1: Go to Google Play or NordVPN official site to download thee app. Then buy a VPN plan.

download nordvpn

Step 2: Sign up and log into the NordVPN account. Then you will see many options of different servers.

log in nordvpn

Step 3: Choose one server and click the connection button.

connect vpn

Step 4: Start MHN game. And close the NordVPN app when you no longer need to hack.


  • NordVPN has many different servers and cover most of the global. You can choose the location you need.
  • It's an old brand among VPNs on the market, and provides relatively good quality and stability for users.


  • It's not originally designed for AR games, and there might be problems of incompatibility.
  • Using a VPN sometimes is risky and might cause the exposure of phone info & personal privacy.
  • The operation is complex, and users need to refresh the data to rework the VPN from time to time, which is not so user-friendly.

Tips 3 iPogo [iOS Only]

Points for combining together:

Originally, iPogo was designed for the AR game Pokemon GO especially. However, since this app has the feature of spoofing location, you can also take advantage of it and use iPogo to hack Monster Hunter Now iOS.

Here is the guide on how to use iPogo:

Step 1: Go to Sideloadly official site.

Step 2: Download the file (64-bit or 32-bit package).

download sideloadly

Step 3: Go over to the iPogo website and down the IPA.

Step 4: Then open Sideloadly and log into your apple account.

Step 5: Fill the IPA and click start button.

start sideloady

Step 6: At last, trust the app. Go to Settings > General > Device Management > Trust the App.

trust sideloadly


  • You can use iPogo to hack MHN by following the above steps.
  • It supports customized route and teleport mode.


  • It supports iOS system only. Android players can't use it.
  • It's too complicated to download and install this app, and the whole process costs lots of time.
  • It's originally designed for Pokemon GO players instead of MHN, leading to lack of good experience.
  • It has no free trial for users.

Part 3: Tips on How to Cheat in Monster Hunter Now Safely

Although you can use certain methods to hack Monster Hunter Now, some abnormal game behavior may be detected by game officials. Your account may be banned if you violate the rules and regulations. Therefore, below I list a few tips to help you avoid this situation.

1 Avoid Drastic Change in Location

Before hacking Monster Hunter Now, don’t forget to close the game and change your location before restarting the game. This is because if you suddenly change your position over a long distance, it is very easy to be defined as abnormal behavior.

2 Control Your Moving Speed

I would recommend keeping the movement speed between two meters per second and four meters per second when hacking. Because this will make you look more like a real walking person when using the MHN spoofer.


Bingo: LocaChange features adjustable speed and realistic movement, making you play Monster Hunter Now more safely.

3 Beware of Monste Hunter Now Cool-down Time

Given that Monster Hunter Now hasn't been out for very long, some mechanics haven't been fully released. However, as an AR game that needs you to walk, you can still refer to the cool-down time of Pokemon GO:

Total Distance Waiting Period Total Distance Waiting Period
1 Km 1 Minute 125 Km 33 Minute
2 Km 1 Minute 150 Km 36 Minute
4 Km 2 Minute 180 Km 39 Minute
10 Km 8 Minute 200 Km 42 Minute
15 Km 11 Minute 300 Km 50 Minute
25 Km 15 Minute 500 Km 64 Minute
30 Km 18 Minute 600 Km 72 Minute
40 Km 22 Minute 700 Km 80 Minute
45 Km 23 Minute 800 Km 86 Minute
60 Km 25 Minute 1000 Km 100 Minute
80 Km 27 Minute 1250 Km 118 Minute
100 Km 30 Minute 1266+ Km 120+ Minute

Part 4: FAQs about MH Now Hack

Is there any risk of hacking Monster Hunter Now?

Yes, some abnormal behaviors like drastic changes in location may be detected by the game and lead to account banning. To minimize the risks, I suggest you use the safe and secure tool LocaChange.

Why doesn’t the Monster Hunter Now spoofer work?

There are two situations: First of all, for Android users, since Android's positioning is easily detected by the game, you may encounter this problem more. For iOS users, you can try to restart your mobile phone to solve the problem. All in all, I suggest you choose a more reliable and assuring spoofer.


After the launch of Monster Hunter Now, many players have gone outdoors and explored the monsters. However, it takes a lot of time and transportation costs to play the game in this way, just like many other GPS games 2024.

To avoid being banned when you hack Monster Hunter Now, it is very recommended to use the location changer LocaChange. I tried quite a few apps, and I really feel that this one is good in many aspects. The data protection is excellent and the connection is stable. All in all, LocaChange is worth a try.


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