2024 How to Spoof Monster Hunter Now-Try 7 Monster Hunter Now Spoofers

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2024 How to Spoof Monster Hunter Now-Try 7 Monster Hunter Now Spoofers

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LocaChange Monster Hunter Now Spoofer

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Lately, I've been playing the AR game Monster Hunter Now, and I've noticed that the quantity of monsters in this game is limited and they spread in different areas. In this way, I need to go outdoors and keep walking to battle with monsters and collect various materials.

monster hunter now spoofer

Sometimes it’s not very convenient. So I spent a few days trying several Monster Hunter Now spoofers. Based on my experience and insights, I made a summary and wrote it into today’s blog. Let’s read on.

Part 1: Is It Possible to Spoof in Monster Hunter Now 2024?

I often see MHN players ask: Can I use the MH Now spoofer in the game? Will it cause some errors or disconnection?

Well, based on my experience, you can relax and it’s ok to spoof in Monster Hunter Now. But when choosing a spoofer, here are some useful tips before making your decision:

First of all, check the user reviews, especially those on Reddit, to know the experience and suggestions of other players.

Second, choose a spoofer with built-in protections (e.g., a cool-down timer) to reduce the risk of detection.

By choosing the right MHN spoofer, you can quickly level up, and explore more locations in the world of magic. At the same time, you can also effectively avoid the risk of being detected by Niantic.

Part 2: [Tested Already] 7 Monster Hunter Now Spoofers You Can Try

In the following part, I’ll cover 7 Monster Hunter Now spoofers worth trying. You can also check this chart to see their comparison.

MHN Spoofer Devices&Systems Operation Steps MHN Special Game Mode Safety Recommendation
LocaChange iOS & Android & Win & Mac 2 steps 99.9% starstarstarstarstar

Fake GPS Location

Android 5 steps 80% starstarstar


iOS & Android 6 steps 75% starstar
PGSharp Android 4 steps 78% starstarstar


iOS 6 steps 70% starstar


iOS & Android 4 steps 65% starstar


PC 3 steps 69% star star star

Tips 1 LocaChange

How to spoof Monster Hunter Now? If you want to travel through the MHN map, battle with the monsters, and collect materials without leaving your house, then the Monster Hunter Now spoofer LocaChange would be the first to consider.

Many players, myself included, have tried LocaChange and given reviews. It can not only change your location and teleport to any place with 1 click but also has features like the intelligent cool-down timer and controllable moving speed to protect your game account. So you don’t have to worry about moving too fast and bringing the risk of being detected by the game system.


Key Features of LocaChange

  • Spoof and hack MHN with 1 click. Teleport to any places instanly.
  • Support the latest iOS 17 and Android 15 systems.
  • Special Game Mode assistance, level up quickly and acquire stronger weapons.
  • Cool-down timer and adjustable speed prevent MHN signal problem or softban.
  • Free trial is available for everyone.

1027120 Users Downloaded

You can follow this guide to try it for free:

Step 1:Download and install LocaChange on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Open LocaChange app, choose the game mode and select the location you want to fake. Click Move button, and start MHN location spoofing.

open locachange monster hunter now spoofer

By the way, you can also spoof Monster Hunter Now location for iOS/Android devices on PC with 1-click:

Step 1:Open LocaChange and choose the game mode.

open locachange app on pc to spoof monster hunter now

Step 2:Select Teleport Mode and enter the MHN location you want to spoof.

select a monster huner now location


  • Specially designed MHN game mode helps you to spoof with 1 click.
  • Supports cool-down timer and adjustable speed to protect your account.
  • Compatible with lastest iOS17 & Android 15, and can try it for free.


  • Some advanced features require payment.

Free Downlaod See Pricing

Tips 2 Fake GPS Location

If you are looking for a useful location changer for Android, then Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer is a worthy choice. Many Monster Hunter Now hacks are not user-friend. But not only is it free to use but it's also very easy to operate to change your location in Monster Hunter Now.

You can follow this guide to use Fake GPS Location:

Setp 1: Download the app from Google Play Store.

Fake GPS

Setp 2: Go to Settings, and enable Developer options.

setting your app

Setp 3: Enter the map and choose the location you want to spoof.

set a location

Setp 4: Click "START" to spoof location. Stop at anytime with the "STOP" button.

click start and spoof location

Setp 5: Now your location is successfully changed and you can go to hunt monsters.


  • It's easy and convenient to operate.
  • You can spoof your location to almost anywhere.


  • The connection sometimes is not stable.
  • It has no function to guarantee your account safety.

Tips 3 iPogo

In fact, iPoGo originally was a third-party application designed specifically for Pokemon GO players. It offers some additional features, including a virtual joystick, auto walk, and more. However, as an AR game, Monster Hunter Now has some similarities with Pokemon GO, and you can use some features of iPoGo to play MHN, too.

This is how to use iPogo:

Step 1: Visit Sideloadly website.

Step 2: Download the Sideloadly file online.

download sideloadly

Step 3: Go to the iPogo official site and download the IPA.

Step 4: Open Sideloadly, enter you Apple ID and password.

Step 5: Fill the IPA and click start button.

start the app

Step 6: Last step, trust the app at your settings.

trust the app on your phone


  • You can use it to effectively spoof location in MHN


  • The procedures are relatively complicated.
  • You need to use a Mac to downlaod some necessary files and continue.

Tips 4 PGSharp

Just like the above tool iPogo, PGSharp is also made for Pokemon GO actually, and you can use part of its features for Monster Hunter Now spoofing Android to save your time and effort.

Here is the step:

Setp 1: Get an account first to obtain the download qualification.

Setp 2: Visit PGsharp website. Then download the app..

Setp 3: Then open the file and start to Install.

install pgsharp spoofer

Setp 4: To be able to log in to the app, you will need to enter your Facebook account details.


  • If you are a Android user you can try this spoofer easily.
  • You can spoof your location to any places.


  • You need to sign up an account to use this tool.
  • It's not originally designed for the game Monster Hunter Now.

Tips 5 iSpoofer

How to achieve Monster Hunter Now spoofing on iOS? iSpoofer is a professional location simulation app that helps you change your GPS location on your iOS device. One of the main benefits of using iSpoofer for location spoofing is that it allows you to select a location from anywhere in the world.

Now, let's see how to use iSpoofer to play MHN.

Setp 1: Go to the iSpoofer website and download it.

Setp 2: Launch the installation program and follow the on-screen instructions.

install ispoofer

Setp 3: The tool basically checks for iTunes on your system and if iTunes is not installed, it will automatically guide you through the step-by-step process to download the software.

download itunes by ispoofer

Setp 4: Connect the iDevice to your computer using the USB cable. Wait for iSpoofer to detect your device automatically.

Setp 5: Enter the map. Then use the top search bar here to find a specific location, or click the "GPX" button if you want to import the map manually.

start location spoofing

Setp 6: Select a location on the map and click "Move" to set it as the current location. Then start Monster Hunter Now and enjoy your game.


  • It's user-friendly for iOS users, and you can spoof your location easily.


  • As you can see the operation steps, it may take long time to finish the operation.
  • The MHN game system may detect the abnormal behavior and make a soft ban.

Tips 6 NordVPN

Apart from the common monster hunter now cheats designed for game players, you can also use a VPN program to spoof location. And NordVPN is a good one among many in the market.

You can follow this guide:

Step 1: Download and install NordVPN and buy a plan.

by a plan on nordvpn

Step 2:Log into your NordVPN account.

log into nordvpn

Step 3:Click the Connect button and start to spoof your locatoin. It may take a few seconds. Once connect successfully, start your MHN game.

connect nordvpn and start monster hunter now

Step 4:Click disconnect when you no longer need spoofing.


  • Many NordVPN users give positive feedbacks and reviews online, and it is trustable.


  • The network connection would fluctuate and you may experience unstable signal.
  • NordVPN can be used for AR games, but many functions may be lost.

Tips 7 iTools

I noticed that iTools is very popular and many players talk about it on Reddit discussing the best GPS games and the best spoofer. After having a try myself, I find it indeed useful. However now it is no longer available for purchase on their site, so today I introduce its PC version only.

Here is how to use iTools:

Setp 1: Download and install iTools on your PC.

Setp 2: Click "Toolbox" and navigate to the virtual location.

click toolbox

Setp 3: Enter the address you want to spoof and click "Go".

click go


  • Its operation is simple, and you just need to click the go button to start your MHN spoofing.


  • You need to use a PC to enjoy spoofing MHN by this tool.

Part 3: FAQs about MHN Spoofer

Why can’t I use the Monster Hunter Now spoofer to change my location?

1: Allow your MH Now spoofer to access your location;

2: Turn on flight mode, then turn it off and restart the network;

3: Uninstall and reinstall your Monster Hunter Now spoofer.

If the above methods do not work, it is recommended to use LocaChange. It’s easy to operate, also safe and stable, so you don’t have to worry about this problem.

What should I pay attention to when using the spoofer?

1. Before using the Monster Hunter Now spoofer, you need to exit the game, adjust the location settings, and then restart the game.

2. Don’t make large changes in location, because this may be flagged as abnormal behavior.

3. You can set a reasonable moving speed to reduce the possibility of being banned.


In today’s blog, I introduce 7 Monster Hunter Now spoofers that are worth using, and I also make the comparison and list their performance. And the location changer LocaChange seems to be the most excellent and best gps spoofer for Monster Hunter Now. It’s simple to use and operate and has a powerful and secure mechanism that effectively protects your game account while spoofing your location.

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