[2024 Update] Lucky Egg Pokemon GO Guide-Everything to Know

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[2024 Update] Lucky Egg Pokemon GO Guide-Everything to Know

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lucky egg pokemon go

The Lucky Egg in Pokemon GO is a special item that has important value for players. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trainer, understanding its features and best usage tips are of great importance. In today’s article, I’m going to take you a closer look at the Pokemon GO Lucky Egg and help you better understand the game. Let’s continue.

Part 1:  What is a Lucky Egg in Pokemon GO?

If you go to Pokemon GO Wiki, you’ll find that the explanation of the Lucky Egg Pokemon GO is like this:

The XP gained within the effective time of the Lucky Egg is doubled. Lucky Eggs usually last for 30 minutes after use, but may last for a longer period during special events.

function of pokemon go lucky egg

We can grasp several key points: first, we can choose when to use the Lucky Egg; second, XP gained is doubled; third, the duration is limited, and once used, the timer will count down regardless of whether the game is online or offline. That is why it’s important to have a proper plan and strategy about when to use Lucky Egg. Next, I’ll dive into this topic.

Part 2:  How to Use a Lucky Egg in Pokemon GO Skillfully?

1 The Benefits of Pokemon Trainer Leveling-up

Since the level cap of 50 was introduced, the process of leveling up has become extremely slow. Even in casual play, progressing from level 40 to the next level may at least take several months. Therefore, the topic of how to quickly get Trainer XP is worth discussing.

Here are the benefits of leveling up:

  • Beginner: Unlock new types of balls and items that can be used .
  • Trainer Lv. 30+: The quality of Pokemon encountered in the wild becomes fixed.
  • Trainer Lv. 31+: Access to acquiring and using XL Candies.
  • Trainer Lv. 40+: The maximum level for Pokemon is unlocked up to level 50.
  • Gain access to exclusive dressing items and poses.
  • Prioritize using newly released features in Pokemon GO.

To conclude, the higher the Pokemon GO Trainer level is, the more benefits and privileges you’ll enjoy.

Common ways to earn XP in Pokemon GO (data when using no Lucky Egg):

Your Behavior Experience Point
Catch Pokemon Basic Reward 100 XP
Additional Reward Nice 10 XP
Great 50 XP
Excellent 100 XP
Curve 10 XP
Hatch Eggs 2km egg 200 XP
5km egg 500 XP
10km egg 1000 XP
12km egg 2000 XP
Pokemon Evolution 500 XP
Pokedex Registration 500 XP
Heading to PokeStops Acquire less than 6 items 50 XP
Acquire more than 6 items 100 XP
Gym Training 50 XP per Pokemon
Gym Battle 100 XP per Pokemon
Activate a Lucky Egg Double XP in 30 Mins

2 Tips on How to Use Lucky Eggs Efficiently [4 Ways Can't Miss]

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How to efficiently use Lucky Eggs is essentially asking how to efficiently increase Trainer level. Here are 4 occasions that I believe are suitable for using Lucky Eggs:

Occasion 1: Friendship Level Increase - Random Players

Increasing friendship levels can make a lot of XP. From Good Friends to Best Friends, you can earn a total of 163,000 XP. However, activating a Lucky Egg every time a friend level increases is impractical. Therefore, the most common approach is to prioritize quantity over frequency:

Add MANY friends and pause interactions when there is only one day left until leveling up. When accumulating enough quantity, then level them up all at once.

pokemon go friendship level benefits

Considering that you can only open 30 gifts in one day (which may increase during events), the maximum number of interactions you can control on your own is usually 30.

However, the drawback of this method is that: not every friend will consistently send gifts. So it is common for both of you to stop sending gifts when there are two days left. Therefore, to efficiently level up and ensure both of you can earn the XP, here comes the second way--experience group.

Occasion 2: Friendship Level Increase - XP Group

The so-called experience group is a group of trainers who agree to interact daily to open gifts at the same time, and also agree to open gifts and Lucky Eggs when friendship levels are increased. This can ensure that everyone benefits from double friend XP.

The basic rules include:

  • Agree on daily interactions (sending and opening gifts).
  • Assign different tasks to group members, with each responsible for either sending or opening gifts (e.g., Member 1 consistently opens gifts from Members 2 to 10, while sending gifts to Members 11 to 21).
  • Prepare spare gifts so that if one member is unable to open gifts temporarily, the other can still interact.
  • Pause tracking of group member status 2 to 3 days before leveling up friendship levels to allow those falling behind to catch up.
  • Set a time to level up friendship levels and simultaneously activate Lucky Eggs for mutual gift opening and interaction.
  • After reaching Best Friends status, delete friends after one or two days, and wait for the friendship level to reset after 120 days.

Occasion 3: Focused Moment - Double XP for Evolution

Except for the abundance of specific Pokemon during the weekly Tuesday Focused Moment, the most important is the rotational activity buff. Among these, the Double Evolution XP buff is the optimal time to use Lucky Eggs, achieving 4x the effect (2000 XP for each Pokemon evolved).

use pokemon go lucky eggs during the evolution event

Here is the guide:

Step 1 Make good use of the tagging system and categorize Pokemon suitable for evolution under the same tag.

Step 2 Reserve two Lucky Eggs, or one Lucky Egg paired with Incense for 30 minutes. Prepare at least 200 Pokemon for evolution (calculated at 20 seconds per evolution).

Step 3 Within the tag, filter Pokemon marked as "able to evolve" to avoid selecting already evolved Pokemon.

Occasion 4: Focused Moment - Double XP for Catching Pokemon

While catching XP of landing an Excellent throw seems nice, the time required to consistently achieve Excellent throws might reduce your efficiency. Therefore, it is recommended to utilize Mystery Boxes and Field Research to keep a enough number of Pokemon encounters.

Additionally, knowing some quick-catching techniques is also necessary. For example, you can use a Pokemon GO auto catcher to increase your efficiency.


Bonus Tip: During the event, you may need to catch a lot of Pokemon, and it's the best time to use the Pokemon Go quick catch trick to save your time and get more XP.

use a lucky egg to earn double xp by catching pokemon

Part 3: Get the Pokemon GO Lucky Egg in an Effortless Way



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Key Features of LocaChange

  • The advanced features like 1-click teleportation and auto-walking help you to speed up acquiring the .
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Follow this guide to try LocaChange for free:

Step 1:Download and install LocaChange app on your mobile phone.

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Step 2:Open LocaChange, choose Pokemon GO in the interface. When ready, you can start to use this tool to accelerate your Lucky Egg acquiring process.

open locachange on your phone and enter Pokemon go

If you prefer to operate by a PC, it also supports:

Step 1: Connet your mobie device to a PC, then choose the Special Game Mode.

choose the game mode on LocaChange spoofer on your pc

Step 2: Click Teleport Mode, choose your destination and start location spoofing.

select the teleport mode on LocaChange spoofer on your pc

Part 4: FAQs about Lucky Eggs in Pokemon GO

1. What Does a Lucky Egg Do in Pokemon GO?

When you use a Lucky Egg in Pokemon GO, during the effective time (usually 30 mins) you can earn double XP, including catching Pokemon, hatching Pokemon eggs, joining Gym battles, and so on. So you need to choose a good time to take full advantage of the Lucky Egg before the 2x effect ends.

2. How to Get Lucky Eggs in Pokemon GO?

Solution 1: Buy Lucky Eggs in the Shop by 80 Pokecoins for each (batch buying would be discounted).

Solution 2: You will get 1 Lucky Egg at level 9/10/15/25/35; 2 Lucky Eggs at level 20; 3 Lucky Eggs at level 30; and 4 Lucky Eggs at level 40.

Solution 3: Use Pokemon Go tools like LocaChange to speed up acquiring Lucky Eggs.

3. When to Use Lucky Egg in Pokemon GO is the Best?

The Pokemon Go Lucky Egg usually lasts for 30 minutes once used, so you can prepare as many Pokemon for evolution as you can, and then activate a Lucky Egg. Additionally, opening friends’ gifts battling in Gyms, and catching Pokemon will also earn you 2x XP.


The Lucky Egg in Pokemon GO is rare to acquire, but it is indeed useful. If you can use the Lucky Egg wisely in your game, then you’ll find everything will be much easier. So from now on, keep the workable strategies in your mind and when next time you’re ready to activate a Lucky Egg, use them.

Also, try the location changer LocaChange to acquire more Lucky Eggs easily. 100,000+ users are recommending this helpful app because it’s really powerful and safe, and the go-as-you-please location spoofing and advanced built-in features are definitely worth a try.

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