[2024 Update] Pokemon GO Excellent Throw Hack Guide

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[2024 Update] Pokemon GO Excellent Throw Hack Guide

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LocaChange Pokemon GO Excellent Throw Hack

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pokemon go excellent throw hack

If you're a Pokemon GO veteran, you must know that finding Pokemon is just part of the game. Once you encounter one, you must catch it using a Poke Ball.

However, since Poke Balls are precious commodities in the game, you want to ensure every Pokemon is successfully caught without wasting any Poke Balls. To do this, mastering the correct technique and skills for catching Pokemon is essential. Therefore, in this guide, we will walk you through how to get an excellent throw in Pokemon GO, as well as the secret weapons- Pokemon GO excellent throw hack. Let’s get started.

Part 1: What’s the Difference between Pokemon GO Excellent/Great/Nice Throws?

When you are ready to catch a Pokemon, you can see two concentric circles around them. The bigger circle is white and stays still, while the smaller circle is yellow and shrinks inward until it reaches its smallest size and then expands again. You can get the right timing to catch the Pokemon with the movements.

the difference between excellent great and nice throws

The difference between Excellent/Great/Nice throws lies in the timing you throw your Poke Ball, the chance you’ll catch the Pokemon as well as the rewards you’ll get.

  • Excellent Throw (30% of the inner circle): You have the highest probability of catching a Pokemon & the highest XP, it's the best time to use your Pokemon GO lucky egg to earn most XP.
  • Great Throw (30%-70% of the inner circle): The probability and XP is higher than that of a nice throw.
  • Nice Throw (70%- of the inner circle): For most common Pokemon, as long as you throw your Poke Ball in the right direction, you can catch them successfully. The probability is lower than the other two but it needs less preparation and saves time.
Types of Throws Catch Probability Experience
Nice Throw 1x-1.3x 10XP
Great Throw 1.3x-1.7x 50XP
Excellent Throw 1.7-2.0x 100XP

Part 2: How to Get Excellent Throws in Pokemon GO?

Now we know that the excellent throw is the most beneficial, as you can get the most XP and probability to catch the Pokemon. Let’s see how to get an excellent throw in Pokemon GO.

The key to an excellent throw is to precisely throw your Poke Ball to the center of the circle. When you release your finger at the right moment during the throw, you can ensure the circle stays at its optimal size. If you hit it correctly, you'll achieve an Excellent and receive an XP reward. Here are the standard steps without using a Pokemon GO excellent throw hack:

Step 1: Hold your Poke Ball and wait for the circle to shrink to its optimal size. Release your finger and wait a moment.

Step 2: Wait for the Pokemon to start taunting you.

Step 3: When the Pokemon starts taunting you, throw the Poke Ball into the center of the circle until the taunt ends.

Follow these steps, and you’re more likely to get an excellent throw.

steps to get excellent throws in pokemon go

Part 3: [3 Top Methods] Pokemon GO Excellent Throw Hack

Method 1 Use the Excellent Throw Pokemon GO Hack LocaChange


The most recommended method to hack Pokemon GO excellent throw is to use a Pokemon GO spoofer and one of the best choices is LocaChange. In many cases, trainers are frustrated because there are not enough rare Pokemon nearby, and it’s hard to look for and catch a Pokemon they like. If you had the same problem before, then try this tool.

LocaChange has a built-in PokeStop map and IV checker to filter and locate the Pokemon you like. What’s more, you can use LocaChange to teleport to any place with just 1 click and use the joystick to auto-walk in the game, allowing you to practice your throwing skills without leaving home.


Key Features of LocaChange

  • Access any Pokemon effortlessly and practice your throwing skills. Get excellent throws in Pokemon GO easily.
  • 100% effective and safe to use this Pokemon GO spoofer to change your location to anywhere with just 1 click.
  • LocaChange supports the latest iOS 18 Beta and Android 15 systems, and supports 10 devices simultaneously.
  • It features built-in PokeStop map, IV checker, cool-down timer, map skins, adjustable moving speed and so on.
  • Play Pokemon at home. 1,000,000 users' chioce.
  • Free trial version is available for everyone.

Use LocaChange to get your excellent throw in Pokemon GO:

Step 1:Download LocaChange Pokemon GO spoofer on your phone.

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Step 2:Open the app and you'll find the Game Mode. Choose Pokemon GO and start location spoofing.

use spoofer locachange to get pokemon go excellent throw hack

Use LocaChange on your computer:

Step 1: Connet your mobile phone to your PC, and start Pokemon GO to change your location.

choose game mode on LocaChange on your PC

Step 2: Select Teleport Mode and teleport to anywhere now.

spoof in pokemon go by locachange on pc

Method 2 Pokemon GO Throw Assist-Record Gestures

You can use gesture recording to guarantee an excellent throw. For iPhone users, you can use the built-in AssistiveTouch feature, while Android requires downloading RepetiTouch. With this method, you can record any Pokemon-catching gesture. When encountering Pokemon again, the recorded gesture will automatically throw the Poke Ball. This way, you don't need to manually catch Pokemon anymore.

pokemon go throw assist record gestures

Method 3 Take Advantage of the AR+ Mode

Another way for excellent throw hack in Pokemon GO is to use the AR+ feature. Here are the steps.

Step 1: When catching wild Pokemon, tap the AR+ button in the top right corner to enter the AR+ capture screen.

pokemon go excellent throw hack ar mode

Step 2: Face your phone towards the ground and slightly tilt it upward by about five degrees.

tilt your phone upward

Step 3: Hold the Poke Ball, wait for the target circle to shrink to the Excellent position, then release the Poke Ball to throw an Excellent throw.

throw the pokeball to to the target circle

Part 4: Useful Tips for Pokemon GO Excellent Throw

1 Catch Timing

When you catch a Pokemon, hold the Poke Ball with your hand to create a circle, then quickly release your finger. This circle is called the target circle. The size of this circle determines the success rate of the excellent throw.

know the catch timing

2 Straight Throw Technique

Release your finger when the circle shrinks to its optimal size, then throw the Poke Ball into the center of the circle when the Pokemon attacks. If you worry about the throw distance being insufficient, you can tilt the phone upside down, so the ball can slide from top to bottom, effectively extending the throw distance.

3 Curveball + Spin Throw Technique

Curveballs can earn extra XP. Hold the Poke Ball, spin it clockwise 3-4 times until it glows, then throw it in a curved manner. If it hits the circle when it's less than 30% in size, you'll get an excellent throw.

curveball throw technique

FAQs about Pokemon GO Excellent Throw Hack

1.Is It Safe to Use Pokemon GO Excellent Throw Hack?

Yes, the Pokemon GO excellent throw hack skills are safe to use, you will not get a soft ban if you use these techniques to enhance your throwing. Also, it takes time and you need to exercise to practice your throwing techniques and strategies.

2.What’s the Best Pokemon GO Excellent Throw App?

The best Pokemon GO excellent throw app is LocaChange. To get an excellent throw hack in Pokemon GO, you can use LocaChange to locate high-value Pokemon first, then 1-click teleport to the location and enter the catching process, which hugely increases your catching efficiency.

3.How to Throw a Curveball in Pokemon GO?

First, hold your Poke Ball, then spin it clockwise in circles for 3 to 4 rotations until it glows. Then throw the ball with a slight curve. If it hits the center of the circle, you can an Excellent throw in Pokemon GO! By the way, curved throws also earn you extra XP.

4.How to Get 3 Excellent Throws in a Row?

Step 1: You need to get the first excellent throw by the common ways.

Step 2: Now find your next target Pokemon, throw your Poke Ball, and shut down WiFi and cellular data immediately.

Step 3: Turn on your cellular if it’s an excellent throw, and repeat this step if it’s not. In this case, even if you missed once in the middle, the system still records you get 3 excellent throws in a row.


In this article, we talk about the Pokemon GO excellent throw hack to ensure that you can always get an excellent throw in Pokemon GO. Besides the useful throwing techniques and skills, we also introduce the app for excellent throws in Pokemon GO - the location changer LocaChange, which makes you the master of Poke Balls. Try to use this powerful tool to earn more XP and catch more rare Pokemon!

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