[5 Sec to Catch a Pokemon] Pokemon GO Quick Catch Tips Guide

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[5 Sec to Catch a Pokemon] Pokemon GO Quick Catch Tips Guide

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pokemon go quick catch


"I’m trying to evolve a Pokemon Umbreon, but I need to catch Eevee and compare their CP value everywhere first. Is there any way to catch Pokemon faster?"

When you encounter a special Pokemon, for example, you are not sure how to catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO with 100% percent confidence, there is a trick that can help you skip the capturing animation- Pokemon GO quick catch, which can save a lot of time and increase your catching efficiency.

As we all know, there’s is limited effective time for some precious items such as Pokemon GO lucky egg or Star Piece. So trainers need to accelerate and catch more Pokemon in a short time. In today’s blog, I’m going to share how to make the Pokemon GO quick catch. Let’s start.

Part 1:  What is Pokemon GO Quick Catch?

Pokemon GO quick catch is also called Pokemon GO fast catch. It’s a technique to skip the Pokeball shaking animation and to help you quickly catch Pokemon. This skill allows you to bypass the shaking animation and catching screen and saves time when you catch a Pokemon.

You don’t have to watch the Pokeball shake repeatedly, especially during time-limited events that require you to raise efficiency. Many seasoned trainers consider Pokemon GO quick catch as a fundamental skill and mastering it will largely improve your gaming experience. You can get stardust more easily and participate in the Community Day to get more rewards!

Part 2:  How to Quick Catch in Pokemon GO?

Now let’s see how to do the Pokemon GO quick catch step by step.

Step 1: Find a Pokemon you like and enter the catching screen.

find a pokemon and start pokemon go quick catch
Step 2: To accomplish this, you'll need both hands. It’s fine whether you use a Berry or not. Slide your left thumb close to the Pokeball icon on the right side.

slide the pokeball for quick catching in pokemon go
Step 3: Throw the Pokeball to the Pokemon with your right hand.

throw the pokeball
Step 4: Upon successful capture, release the Pokeball icon on the bottom right. You should then see the "Run" icon appear in the top left.

tap the run icon in the top left
Step 5: Tap on it to escape and repeat the process until you catch the Pokemon.

repeat the pokemon go quick catch process

Conclusion: First you need to find a Pokemon and enter the catching screen. Then wait for the Pokemon to show up in the circle but hold on to your Pokeball. Press the left or right side of the phone screen, then swipe upwards with another hand. When the catching animation starts, release the screen immediately. You will skip the animation and return to the map if successful.

It sounds difficult but in fact it’s very easy to do so, and you can practice several times to fully master the art. Once you figure it out and know how to make the quick catch, the speed you catch Pokemon will increase greatly. It’s so useful and exciting because the Pokemon GO Fest 2024 is coming and you can take it as a good opportunity.

Part 3: How to Quickly Catch Far and Rare Pokemon with 1 Click?

Indeed, we can solve the problem of long screen animation by quick catch in Pokemon GO and increase our efficiency. But how about far Pokemon that are not near your location, can you catch them quickly, too? The answer is YES. Here I recommend the location changer LocaChange, which helps you to catch any far Pokemon with 1 click.

Instead of using the Pokemon GO fast catch trick, LocaChange supports teleporting to anywhere without limitation. You can spoof the location or coordinates you like and use the joystick to imitate real walking easily and catch more rare Pokemon:


Key Features of LocaChange

  • You can use LocaChang and 1 click teleport to places with abundant Pokemon, then start Pokemon GO quick catch and increases efficiency.
  • It seamlessly supports both the latest iOS 17 & Android systems, and supports 10 different devices most.
  • You can save locations or routes in the favorite list and check them conveniently next time. And it supports import/export GXP.
  • 100% working and spoof Pokemon GO safely. The automatic cool-down timer & adjustable make your account very safe.
  • More than 99,000+ trainers around the world are using it.

Wanna try LocaChange to expand your Pokedex? Follow this guide:

Step 1 Download LocaChange on your mobile phone.

Step 2 Launch LocaChange and choose the Pokemon GO game. When ready, you can use the teleport or joy stick mode to catch Pokemon now.

open locachange and quick catch Pokemon

Here is how to use LocaChange on PC:

Step 1: Connect your device to a PC. Click the Pokemon GO icon.

choose game mode on LocaChange on computer

Step 2: Choose a mode on the right top you need, then start spoofing Pokemon GO.

select a mode you need on locachange

Part 4: FAQs about Pokemon GO Fast Catch

1. Will You Get Banned if Use Pokemon GO Quick Catch 2024?

No, you will not get banned because of using quick catch by Niantic now. Although some players had Pokemon GO error 12 or were banned in the past for this, Niantic later confirmed that it was due to a wave of bans, not intentional bans. Trainers shouldn't be banned for using the “quick catch” trick and later Niantic correct it officially.

2.How to Do the Pokemon GO Auto Catch?

To auto catch Pokemon, there are 3 methods for you:

Method 1: Buy a Pokemon GO auto catcher like Pokemon GO++ on Amazon, and connect it to your device.

Method 2: Download the Pokemon GO spoofer app LocaChange.

Method 3: Use a Pokemon mod or bot to help you auto catch the Pokemon.

3.How to Catch a Pokemon without Walking?

To catch a Pokemon without walking, you can use the Pokemon GO spoofer LocaChange. You need to download the app on its website and choose the Specific Game Mode. After that, you can start the Pokemon GO game and teleport or use the joystick to catch Pokemon without moving physically.


Now you know how to make the Pokemon GO quick catch, go ahead and try this trick in the game now! But it’s worth mentioning that Pokemon GO quick catching is not always successful, and you’ll still need to use berries or ultra balls to increase the success rate. What’s more, if you want to catch Pokemon effortlessly, try the excellent tool LocaChange. It’s 100% safe and working, allowing you to play the game without leaving home.


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