[Step by Step Guide] How to Avoid Pokemon GO Error 12 while Spoofing

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[Step by Step Guide] How to Avoid Pokemon GO Error 12 while Spoofing

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how to avoid pokemon go error 12 while spoofing


I'm using Fake GPS. I can set my location anywhere (and Google Maps confirms) - but when I open Pokemon Go, I am in the area, but no Gyms or PokeStops, and getting the no location 12 error message. Any ideas?

In the latest updates of Pokemon GO, Niantic has further strengthened the system's detection of location spoofing, and almost all of the Pokemon GO spoofers become not operational all of a sudden. Many players complain that they face error 12 and want to know how to avoid Pokemon GO failed to detect location 12 while spoofing.

Why would that happen? Is there any way to fix it? Do not worry, in today’s blog, I’m going to talk about this and help you to settle down the problem. Let’s continue.

Part 1: Why Pokemon GO Failed to Detect Location 12?

In early June 2024, many Pokemon GO users encountered the Pokemon GO error 12. This was due to the latest Pokemon GO iOS version update introducing a more advanced tracking system, similar to tracking systems found in other games like Monster Hunter Now. This is the main reason that causes traditional location spoofing tools ineffective.

Using a Pokemon GO spoofer is against the terms and services of Pokemon GO’s developer Niantic and may lead to account ban. Fortunately, in the following part I'll tell you an effective way to avoid Pokemon GO error 12 while changing location.

Part 2: Can You Avoid Error 12 Pokemon GO while Spoofing?

Yes, it is possible to safely change your location in Pokemon GO when you spoof. Although the Pokemon GO developer has updated the game and added new ways of detcetion of anti-spoofing, the good news is that many third-party teams are working hard to overcome the problem.

Among many new projects, LocaChange is the most effective and secure one to do so. And now LocaChange has its own solution targeted on this, in the following part, I'll give a step by step guide on how to avoid Pokemon GO failed to detect location 12.

Part 3: [Step by Step Guide]How to Avoid Pokemon GO Error 12 while Spoofing?

Here comes the good news that now LocaChange team has established cooperation with "PoGO Assistant", and fully solved the problem of Pokemon GO error 12, which ensures Pokemon GO players to smoothly enjoy the game. Here are the steps on how to avoid error 12 while spoofing in Pokemon GO:


You need to download PoGo Assistant on your computer, then get the customized game version of Pokemon GO on your iPhone.

PoGO Assistance supports iOS 15 - iOS 18 now.

Step 1: Download and install LocaChange PC on your computer or install the LocaChange iOS version.

Step 2: Get customized Pokemon GO game version.

a. Download PoGO Assistant on Your PC

Download address for Windows: https://download.locachange.com/pogo-assistant_setup.exe

Download address for Mac: https://download.locachange.com/pogo-assistant-mac_installer.zip

b. After installation, use your Apple ID to log in. Launch PoGo Assistant on your computer and sign in with your Apple ID.

install pogo assistant and sign in

c. Connect your iOS device to the computer using a USB data cable. Tap "Trust" on your iPhone. Once connected, click the "Install" button. This will install the customized version of the Pokemon GO app on your device.

Note: Devices running iOS 17 or higher need to follow the instructions to enable Developer Mode on your iPhone. Windows may require driver installation. Mac may require entering your computer password to grant permissions.

get customized pokemon go on pogo assistant

d. The customized version of the Pokemon GO has been successfully installed. Now, you need to follow these steps based on the program interface screenshot to trust this application: Go to 'Settings' > 'General' > 'VPN & Device Management', find the developer named with your Apple ID, and then click 'Trust' to confirm trust for the developer.

trust the customized pokemon go on your phone

Step 3: Log in your Pokemon GO account and change the location.

a. Open LocaChange on PC or LocaChange iOS to change the location safely.

open locachange and start location spoofing

b. Now you can freely spoof in Pokemon GO and avoid error 12.

avoid pokemon go error 12 while spoofing by locachange app

Part 4: Fix Pokemon GO Failed to Detect Location 12 while Spoofing

Suggestion 1 Turn off Mock Mock Location on Your Device

The mock mock location is only available for Android users, and if you have activated the mock mock location mode, you need to turn it off.

Suggestion 2 Use the Smali Patcher to Avoid Pokemon GO Error 12

If you are using a Pokemon GO spoofer or other app and are detected by Niantic, you need an app that can bypass the SafetyNet. It’s difficult, but it’s not impossible. You’ll need to root your Android device first, which takes a bit of setup but is definitely worth it, by the way, the probability of being banned is very low.

Suggestion 3 Clear the Cache of the Pokemon GO App

Storing a large amount of data on your device can not only take up space, but if the collected data is incorrect or corrupted, it can also cause the game to malfunction and display errors.

Therefore, trying to clear Pokémon GO game data and cache is also a common method to solve Pokemon GO error 12.

clear the cache of pokemon go app

Suggestion 4 Update the Pokemon GO App

If your Pokemon GO app is not the latest version, and the version is too old, the system might be unable to detect your current location and send you the prompt saying “failed to detect location 12 Pokemon GO”. Also, some spoofers only support certain versions of the game, so you can always keep updating your app to maintain stability.

pokemon go update

Suggestion 5 Shut Down the Game and Re-login Account

The last fix method is to log out of our account and close the game, then restart it. Sometimes long-time operations of the game may cause errors and stuck, and you can try to re-open the game for a fix.

sign out pokemon go app


In the game Pokemon GO, problems such as Pokemon GO error 12 largely affect players’ gaming experience. However, if you find the causes, then you can fix them effectively. Also, there is a way on how to avoid Pokemon GO error 12 while spoofing, which is using the location changer-LocaChange. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to try it for free now.

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