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Are you passionate about Pokémon Go and eager to get candies in Pokémon Go? Candy serves as a key resource to amplify and evolve these creatures, increasing their powers and abilities. To speed up your candy collection, here are 9 quick and effective strategies.

get candies in Pokémon Go

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In this article:

Part 1: What is Pokémon Go Candy?

Pokémon Go Candies are consumable items that are closely associated with the Pokémon family. Candy can be used to evolve, purify, level up, or unlock a Pokémon's second charged attack. The importance of candies is obvious, and most players tend to use candies to enhance their Pokémon's power or evolution.

What is Pokémon Go Candy

There are currently four types of candies available for players to obtain: Candy, Candy XL, Rare Candy, Rare Candy XL.

Part 2: 9 Fast Ways to Get Candy in Pokémon Go

1 Catch Pokémon

The easiest way to stock up on Pokémon Candy is to catch these creatures in the wild. Each Pokemon family has its own unique candies, so catching different Pokemon will give you different candies. Additionally, using items like bait modules and incense can increase monster spawns, thus increasing your chances of collecting these valuable Pokemon candies.



Use Pokego++ or similar apps to search and catch Pokemon efficiently, which helps to acquire more candies.

Catch Pokémon

2 Hatch Eggs

Hatching eggs is another great way to get candy. Simply track how far you walk to hatch eggs and watch them crack when you reach the desired distance. Tap the screen to speed up the hatching animation and reveal your new Pokémon. It's a fun and rewarding way to earn candy while staying active in the game!

Hatch Eggs

3 Get Candies with Buddy Pokémon

Making the designated Pokémon your partner! Walk with your partner Pokemon. The Pokémon Go app tracks your walking distance and distributes candies to your friends. The general scale is walking 3 kilometers to get +1 candy for that Pokémon. Remember, different Pokémon require different distances.

Get Candies with Buddy Pokémon

4 Use Pinap Berries

Pinap berries are your best choice! With the addition of new berries such as Pinap in the Generation 2 update, candies will be doubled upon successful capture. Just use a Pinap Berry before your next capture attempt and watch your candy rewards double! Collecting more candies while catching your favorite Pokémon is a sweet deal!

Use Pinap Berries

5 Participate in Research Tasks

Research tasks, including field, special, or event-based ones, can be your key. Visit Silph Road for the latest list of missions offering rare candy rewards this month. While these tasks may be tougher, the rewards are worthwhile. Happy hunting for rare candies!

Participate in Research Tasks

6 Trade Pokémon

Candy received by trading Pokémon with your friends. The amount of candy you get depends on the distance between the locations where the two Pokémon were captured. The further the distance, the more candies. Of course, the transaction also requires a certain amount of stardust.

Trade Pokémon

7 Gym Interaction

Participating in Pokémon Go's gyms provides Candy with opportunities. Defending gyms can earn you valuable Pokémon Coins. Feeding berries to defenders may increase CP or rarely yield Pokémon Candy.

Gym Interaction

8 Transferring Pokémon

Transferring Pokémon is also an effective method. If you transfer Pokémon below level 4, you will receive the candy corresponding to the Pokémon.

Transferring Pokémon

9 Win Raid Battles

Winning raids and grinding rare candies by defeating raid bosses, more wins means more rare candies, higher difficulty raids provide additional rare candies.

Win Raid Battles

Part 3: The Most Recommended Way to Get Pokémon Go Candies

Finding specific Pokémon to obtain candies can be a challenge, although there are alternatives such as egg hatching, cooperative walks with Pokémon but usually require traveling in person. Fortunately, using Pokemon Go Spoofer can be an effective solution. This method provides a convenient way to collect candy without having to travel long distances, making Pokémon Go candy collecting much easier and more enjoyable.

LocaChange location changer is a handy recommendation. It allows easy location changes in Pokémon Go, teleporting you anywhere globally without the need to physically walk. This enables players to catch more candies without the hassle of traveling to various locations.

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Key Features of LocaChange

  • Free trial for every user.
  • Supports control of your movement path, speed and position.
  • Choose your start and end points and the software will create a path for you.
  • Selectable simulation modes such as walking, cycling and driving.
  • Change GPS location and spoof on Pokémon Go in three steps, no jailbreak required.
  • Compatibility Android devices and iOS devices.

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Bonus: How to Get More Candies in Pokemon GO?

Step 1:Download and install LocaChange into your Computer.


Step 2: After installing LocaChange, launch it. Then connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable or WIFI connection(we recommend USB cable beacuse It has a 100 percent success rate).


Step 3: Ready to change your device location? Click the Send button. Click on the Pokémon Go map location coordinates and paste them into the search bar. Select a speed and click Start. Locations will be updated to catch your favorite Pokémon.


Through the above steps, you can easily change your location and go around the world to catch the Pokémon you want.


In this article we introduce how to get candy in Pokémon Go. Although many methods are recommended, most of them require going out. However, for players who cannot travel or visit specific places in person, tools such as LocaChange become indispensable. missing solutions. This location changer simplifies the candy collecting process and ensures inclusivity without geographic restrictions.

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