[2024 FREE] How to Get Pokecoins in Pokemon GO

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[2024 FREE] How to Get Pokecoins in Pokemon GO

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Although many items in Pokemon Go can be acquired by completing different tasks and research, obtaining one particular in-game currency- Pokecoins poses a greater challenge for trainers. How can I get Pokecoins in Pokemon GO? In today’s blog, I’ll introduce 5 methods on how to get Pokecoins based on my personal experience. And also, many trainers ask how to get free Pokecoins. I think this article can help you, too. Let’s start.

Part 1: What Can I Buy with Pokecoins?

Although you can participate in almost 99% of the game Pokemon GO, there are some circumstances in which you need to pay and buy Pokecoins to proceed with your Pokemon training journey. Since the Pokemon GO Fest 2024 is approching, you may need to prepare Pokecoins and lot of items. So first Let’s see what things can we buy with Pokecoins:

Item Pokecoin Price Function

Raid Passes

100 PokeCoins for each

Join Raid Battles

Egg Incubators

150 PokeCoins for each

Hatch Pokemon Eggs

Pokemon GO Lucky Egg

80 Pokecoins for each

Get 2x EP in 30 mins

Poke Balls

460 PokeCoins for 100 Poke balls

Catch Pokemon

500 PokeCoins for 8 Incense

Attract Pokemon

Lure Modules

680 PokeCoins for 8 Incense

Attract Pokemon to a PokeStop

Bag Upgrades

200 Pokecoins at least

Increase item storage

Pokemon Storage Upgrades

200 Pokecoins at least

Increase Pokemon storage

Part 2: [5 Ways] How to Get Pokecoins in Pokemon GO?

Way 1 Do the Pokemon GO Daily Pokecoin Field Research

Niantic started a new activity called “Daily Pokecoin Field Research” in May and trainers can collect free Pokecoins every day by finishing daily tasks during the event. The ticket for the research is $1.99. And you can earn 20 Pokecoins per day and up to 280 Pokecoins altogether.

get pokecoins in pokemon go pokecoin field research

However, many players argue that the ticket price is different according to countries and regions. For example, in Canada, the ticket is about $3.15 after tax, which is even more expensive than buying Pokecoins solely. What’s more, you’ll need to log into your account and finish tasks every day to acquire the full Pokecoins, which seems impractical to all players.

Way 2 Buy Pokecoins in Pokemon GO Shop

This is the most direct method. You can buy Pokecoins in the Pokemon GO with real money anytime you want. Just like what I have mentioned above, the price varies. Let’s take the price in America as an example, you can buy 100 Pokecoins for $0.99; 2,500 Pokecoins for $19.99 and 14,500 Pokecoins for $99.99.

buy pokecoins in pokemon go shop

As you can see from the comparison, the more you purchase in one go, the bigger discount you'll enjoy. But remember to spend responsibly and don’t rely excessively.

Way 3 Buy Pokecoins with Less Money on LocaChange


Arrival Speed:

The Pokecoins in the Pokemon GO shop are expensive and do not suit everyone’s budget. Is it possible to spend less money to buy more Pokecoins? Yes! The location changer LocaChange now offers huge discounts for Pokecoins. All you need to do is place an order, send your Pokemon GO account, and wait for your pokecoins to be credited.

Moreover, LocaChange is a Pokemon GO spoofer that supports changing location with 1 click to anywhere in the world, and it has a strong anti-detection mechanism that protects your Pokemon GO account. It also has many advanced features to enhance your gaming experience, such as the built-in PokeStop map, auto-scanning Pokemon and tasks, the automatic Pokemon IV checker, and so on.


Why Choose LocaChange

  • Buy Pokecoins at a much cheaper price, with discounts up to 35%, saving a lot of budget and get more benefits.
  • With the discounted Pokecoins, you can purchase batch of items in Pokemon at a much lower price. No need to defend Gyms to acquire pokecoins everyday.
  • An excellent Pokemon GO spoofer that supports both the latest iOS 17 and Android 14.
  • It has built-in PokeStop map and Pokemon IV checker that enhance your gaming experience.
  • 1-click to teleport while the cool-down timer effectively protects your Pokemon GO account from soft-ban.
  • You can use the Specific Game Mode to play Pokemon GO and other AR GPS games.

Step 1: Place a Pokecoin order on LocaChange. This saves 35% of your budget comparing to Pokemon GO shop.

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Step 2: Please pay attention to the purchase notification email and reply to it, kindly sending your PTC account and password.

Step 3: The Pokecoins will be credited to your account within 24 hours. You can link Pokemon Trainer Club to Pokemon GO and view your Pokecoin balance.

Check how to link Pokemon Trainer Club to Pokemon GO:


Way 4 Defend Your Team’s Gym by Leaving Your Pokemon

How to get free Pokecoins? There is a way to acquire free Pokecoins in Pokemon GO, and that is to take over and defend Gyms. After every 10 minutes your Pokemon defends, you can get 1 Pokecoin. But you should notice that there is a limitation-50 Pokecoins per day you can collect through this way.

get pokecoins by defending gyms
  • You can not put 2 same Pokemon in 1 Gym.
  • You can only place healthy Pokemon in the Gym.
  • The Gym can accommodate six Pokemon at the same time.
  • To get the most Pokecoins, you need to put your Pokemon in the Gym for 8h and 20mins.

Way 5 Exchange PokeCoins with Free Google Play Credit

The last way how to get Pokecoins is to exchange Pokecoins with your Google Play credit. How to earn Pokecoins through it? Usually you need to pay for it, but here is the way to get free Google Play credit:

exchange pokecoins with free google play credit

Step 1: Download the Google Opinions Rewards app and set it up.

Step 2: Complete the introductory survey and return to the Pokemon GO app.

Step 3: In the following weeks, you'll receive notifications from the Google Opinions Rewards program prompting you to complete surveys in the app.

Step 4: Complete the surveys to earn Google Play credit. (Note that not all surveys will reward you.)

Step 5: Use the Google Play credit to buy PokeCoins.

Part 3: FAQs about Pokemon GO Pokecoins

1.How Many Pokecoins per Day I can Get?

If you buy Pokecoins with real money, then there is no limitation and you can buy as many as you want every day. However, other methods do have limitations. For example, by defending the Gym you can earn 6 Pokecoins at most per hour and 50 Pokecoins at most per day. By doing the Daily Pokecoin Field Research, you can earn 20 Pokecoins at most per day and 280 Pokecoins at most during the whole research.

2.How to Get Pokecoins Without Gyms?

Besides getting Pokecoins by defending the Gym, you can also acquire Pokecoins by the following methods:

Method 1: Doing the Daily Pokecoin Field Research, and you can earn 20 Pokecoins at most everyday.

Method 2: Buy Pokecoins at the Pokemon GO shop.

Method 3: Buy more Pokecoins with less money in LocaChange, the discount is up to 35%.

Method 4: Exchange with the Google Play credit.

3.Can I Buy Pokecoins Outside of App?

Yes, it’s not necessary to buy Pokecoins in the Pokemon GO app. If you think it’s too expensive and want to save money, you can buy Pokecoins from other channels outside of the app. For example, if you buy Pokecoins in LocaChange, you can enjoy a 30%-35% discount while getting the same amount of Pokecoins.


The fastest way how to get Pokecoins is to buy with real money. And it’s always a wise choice to buy the same thing with less money. If you also think so, then LocaChange would be the best choice. It not only offers a huge discount in Pokecoin purchasing, but also has advanced spoofing features that make the game more easy and fun. Go ahead and catch your Pokemon!

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