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One of the biggest challenges Pokemon GO players face is that they don't have enough Pokemon or items needed. In this case, players often use third-party software to change their location and auto-catch Pokemon. So there emerge tools like PokeGo++. However, Niantic, the developer of the game, argues that such tools are against the fairness of the game and it is difficult to find PokeGo++ nowadays.


In today's article, I will take about if PokeGo++ iOS & Android is still available and how to realize pokego++ download (Also known as Pokemon GO++ download). What's more, I will recommend a perfect alternative in the last part, which helps you perform better during Pokemon GO Fest 2024. Let’s get started.

In this article:

Part 1: What is PokeGo++?

what is pokego++

PokeGo++ is a cracked version of Pokemon GO that was developed by the Global++ organization. You can simulate traveling anywhere with the joystick on Pokego Plus Plus without walking physically. As a result, you can easily catch all kinds of Pokémon at your home, it's even more convenient than using a Pokemon GO auto catcher. It makes the game easier, more addictive, and more fun.

Most importantly, you don't need to jailbreak or root to use Pokego Plus Plus, and you don't have to worry about problems such as Pokemon GO error 12 or 11. After you install the app, you can open the Pokemon GO game and see the new menu overlap on the left side of the interface.

Part 2: Is PokeGo++ Still Available and Safe on iOS & Android in 2024?

Unfortunately, about this question, I can answer you with a big "NO". Now in official channels, PokeGo++ is not available. As shocking as it may sound, you can no longer use PokeGo++ on iPhone or Android to spoof GPS locations and catch new Pokemon.

The reason for this is that in 2019, Niantic filed a lawsuit against cheating program developer "Global++" for violating its copyright and damaging the rights of Pokemon GO players. In the end, the two parties agreed to settle the case for $5 million. As a result, it is no longer possible for us to download PokeGo++ from official channels.

niantic pokego++ lawsuit

However, this doesn't mean there are no ways to use PokeGo++ any more. In addition to official channels, you can try some unconventional methods.

Next, I’m going to talk about how to download and install PokeGo++ on iOS and Android even though it’s restricted.

Part 3: How to Download PokeGo++ on iOS & Android

1 PokeGo++ Download on iOS

Now you can't get the tool PokeGo++ on iOS through the official channel, but it’s still possible to download it from somewhere else. Here I recommend the third-party online iOS application system-BuildStore.

The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: First of all, uninstall previous PokeGo++ and Pokemon GO on your iOS device if there's any.

Step 2: Open Safari and sign up for a BuildStore account.

sign up for buildstore to download pokego++ ios

Step 3: Search for Pokemon GO and PokeGo++ on BuildStore and then download. Buy a BuildStore plan.

buy buildstore plan to get Pokemon GO++

Step 4: Simply click the install button and PokeGo++ will be successfully installed on your iOS device.

This method allows you to download and install PokeGo++ on your iPhone. But you need to pay $19.9 per month for a Buildstore subscription. Also, as this product has been officially disabled, it may no longer work as it should.

2 PokeGo++ Download on Android

Compared to downloading the restricted apps on iOS, downloading PokeGo++ on your Android is more convenient and simple. You can also use a tool to achieve this--TutuApp.

Here is the guide:

Step 1: Firstly download and install TutuApp.

download tutuapp to download pokego++ android

Step 2: Then look for the APK download link of PokeGo++ in TutuApp Downloader.

find pokego++ android on tutuapp

Step 3: Install the downloaded file on your Android device.

Step 4: Open PokeGo++ to confirm if success.

Part 4: An Excellent Alternative to PokeGo++: LocaChange

Although the restriction of PokeGo++ is disappointing news for many Pokemon GO players. Besides PokeGo++, I would like to recommend LocaChange as the perfect alternative Pokemon GO assistant.

While using LocaChange, I found that it can perform all the functions that PokeGo++ has. Moreover, if you change your location several times, you can also play the game safely and your account is not banned.

locachange location spoofer
locachange icon

Key Features of LocaChange

  • PokeGo++ Alternative: It has all the features of PokeGo++, including spoofing Pokemon GO without root or jailbreak, and even more.
  • 100% Safe: Cool-down time period, adjustable speed and auto-controlled movement. Effectively avoid Pokemon GO soft ban.
  • Multiple Systems & Devices: Suooprt iOS, Android, mac and windows. You can use LocaChange on up to 10 different devices.
  • Simple to Operate: It has user-friendly interface and east to use. You can spoof Pokemon GO location to any where with just 1 click.
  • Free Trial: You can experience the free version plan before you decide to buy the more advanced plan.
  • Advanced Features: More features for you to explore, such as built-in PokeStop map, IV Checker and so on.

You can follow this guide to try it for free:

Step 1:Firstly download LocaChange on your mobile phone.

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Step 2:Open LocaChange, choose the Special Game Mode and Pokemon GO. When ready, you can start teleport, spoofing, auto-walking and many other advanced features.

use locachange as the alternative to pokego ++

For users who want to spoof Pokemon GO on a PC, you can check this:

Step 1: Connet your phone to a PC, and choose the Special Game Mode.

choose the game mode on LocaChange on your computer

Step 2: Click Teleport Mode and start location spoofing.

select the teleport mode on LocaChange on your computer

Part 5: [Resolve Confusion] Clearly Distinguish Pokemon GO Plus, Pokemon GO Plus Plus & PokeGO++

Many Pokemon GO players are confused about the 3 items: Pokemon GO Plus, Pokemon GO Plus Plus (also called Pokemon GO++ or GO Plus+), and PokeGO++. In fact, they refer to 3 differen things, some are cracked apps, and some are wearable devices. Here I'm going to help you distinguish these 3 names. You can see this comparison table first.

Pokemon GO Plus Pokemon GO ++ PokeGO++
Type Wearable Device Wearable Device Third-party App
Developer Niantic Official Justdan Official Global++
Release Date 2016/7/16 2023/7/14 Around 2016
Price $34.99 $59.99 Free
Features Catch Pokemon, spin PokeStops Catch Pokemon, spin PokeStops, auto-hatch eggs, see nearby Pokemon Spoofing GPS location
Risks No No Soft-ban

1 Pokemon GO Plus

appearance of pokemon go plus

The Pokemon GO Plus is an officially released accessory that allows you to play Pokemon GO more easily. It looks like a red-and-white-colored water drop.

2 Pokemon GO ++

appearance of pokemon go ++

The Pokemon GO ++ has the same color scheme with Pokemon GO Plus, but it's round shaped. It's an Justdan-agency accessory which is the upgraded version to the device released by Niantic. It offers more features and also comes at a higher price.

3 PokeGO++

interface of pokego++

PokeGO++ is an unofficial app that spoofs GPS locations, but there is a risk of account suspension and ban.

Bonus: Tips for Using PokeGO++ without Getting Banned

  • 1. When using a location spoofer to change your location, it is better not to operate too often, because it may attract the attention of the game administrators. You should pay attention to the cool-down period to avoid being detected by the game system.
  • 2. Do not share your account with others and do not switch accounts on the same phone, because this kind of action will lead to continuous changes in geolocation information, arousing the system's suspicion and thus being blocked.
  • 3. Choose a safe and effective tool. In the case of PokeGo++ being banned, I recommend LocaChange. This spoofer is the most reliable one I've ever used, it doesn't need to jailbreak or root. And you can change your location to anywhere with just 1 click. As long as you use it carefully, you won't be found by the game regulators.


PokeGo++ is indeed a very useful spoofer application for location-based game enthusiasts. You can change your location and catch more Pokemon without physically moving. However, due to legal issues with Niantic, the product is no longer available.

Nevertheless don't lose hope. You can choose location changer LocaChange as its best alternative. With the help of this tool, you can easily spoof your location with a single click, catch more Pokemon, and become a Pokemon master!

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