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LocaChange Fake GPS Location Changer

Fake Pokemon GO GPS on iOS/Android to anywhere in the world with 1-click. Enjoy catching Pokemon and auto-walking staying at home.

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Hey trainers, do you have the same trouble: living in some areas limit the kinds of Pokemon you can catch and you may not be able to find new Gyms or PokeStops. This situation makes the game less fun. Thankfully, there's an easy solution: the Pokemon GO fake GPS spoofer!

To realize this, you can use a Pokemon GO fake GPS spoofing app like LocaChange, or a reliable VPN app to change your location. In today's blog, I'll give a clear guide providing the most effective and tested methods for both Android and iPhone in 2024. Let's begin.

pokemon go fake gps

In this article:

Part 1: The Benefits of Faking GPS in Pokemon Go

Understanding the knowledge of faking GPS on Pokemon Go, let's have a look of its numerous benefits and the reasons why it appeals to us:

  • If you prefer not to move around constantly, faking GPS can be a convenient solution. By spoofing your GPS location, you can virtually travel in the Pokemon world without physically moving.
  • If you have children who play Pokemon GO and concern about the safety when they play outside, you can consider GPS spoofing in POkemon GO. This can ensure a safer gameplay situation for him/her.
  • kids play pokemon go outside

  • Faking GPS location makes it possible to catch far and rare Pokemon that is usually inaccessible. This is especially beneficial for trainers living in densely populated or congested areas, where gameplay may be challenging. Faking your location can provide a helpful choice.
  • Lastly, spoofing and faking Pokemon GO GPS allows you to effortlessly visit many gyms, enhancing your gym-battling encounters. By tricking the game into believing you're elsewhere, you can unlock new Pokemon and make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

Doesn't that sound thrilling and attractive to you? Now let's see how to fake GPS in Pokemon GO.

Part 2: Top 3 Pokemon GO Fake GPS Tools 2024

Pokemon GO Fake GPS Tool Safety Supported Device Game Mode Free Trial Recommendation
LocaChange 95% iOS & Android yes yes starstarstarstarstar
iMyFone Anyto 88% iOS & Android no yes starstarstarstar
NordVPN 72% Android no no starstarstar

1 LocaChange

  • Recommendation: star star star star star
  • I was very frustrated with 3uTools not being able to modify the virtual location, but soon I found another great alternative that perfectly cover the features that I needed-- LocaChange.

    locachange icon

    Key Features of LocaChange

    • Fake GPS for Pokemon GO with 1 click. You can teleport in the game by entering a location or coordinate.
    • Whether you're using iOS or Android devices, LocaChange supports both. And you can use it on multiple-devices.
    • It has the feature of PokeStop map which scans and filters Pokemon nearby, which helps you to collect and saves time.
    • Spoof your Pokemon GO location without root or jailbreak. Simple to operate and use.
    • Now it's in discount and you can try the limited free version before buying a plan.

    Follow this guide to use LocaChange and fake Pokemon GO GPS:

    Step 1: Download LocaChange on your device.

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    Step 2: Open LocaChange and Pokemon GO. Tap the teleport mode, enter your desired location now your GPS is changed.

    open locachange on your phone to fake Pokemon GO GPS

    What's more, you can also connect your phone to a PC and spoof Pokemon GO GPS on the computer.

    Step 1: Connect your phone to your computer. Click the Game Mode and launch Pokemon GO.

    choose game mode on LocaChange on PC for faking POkemon GO gps

    Step 2: Click Teleport Mode and enter any location or coordinate. Then start to fake the GPS on Pokemon GO.

    select the teleport mode on LocaChange

    2 iMyFone AnyTo

    Step 1: Download and launch iMyFone AnyTo. Click on Get Started.

    launch anyto application on pc

    Step 2: Connect your iOS or Android device via USB.

    connect your phone to pc

    Step 3: Choose the Teleport Mode icon (the third one from the left) in the upper right corner. Just select a spot that you like, using the text field in the upper left corner, or using the mouse.

    select a destination

    Step 4: Click Move button to change your GPS and teleport to that location.

    successfully fake your iphone GPS location

    Most AR games that are based on location can be changed by AnyTo, including Pokemon Go. Isn't it amazing?

    3 NordVPN


    How to fake GPS in Pokemon GO? One alternative method is to use NordVPN. However, it's important to understand that NordVPN wasn't initially intended for spoofing Pokemon GO locations. Instead, its primary purpose is to encrypt internet connections on both mobile phones and PCs. While it does provide a level of safety, if you're experiencing frustrations with GPS-based devices or software, it's essential to explore other techniques for changing your location that don't rely on a VPN.

    Here is the guide on how to use NordVPN:

    Step 1: Download NordVPN app and buy it.

    download nordvpn

    Step 2: Log into your NordVPN account with Google account.

    log in nordvpn with google account

    Step 3: Choose the server where you want to fake your Pokemon GO GPS and click Connect button.

    click connect button

    Step 4:When you no longer need the VPN, go back to the NordVPN app and click Disconnect button.

    Part 3: Other Methods for Cheating in Pokemon Go

    1 Pokemon GO Bot

    Using a Pokemon GO Bot is a kind of automated spoofing. With bot accounts, you can effortlessly navigate the map and catch the rarest and highest-level Pokemon. However, it's important botting in Pokemon GO has the risk of your account being banned. Therefore, it is advised to create a spare account and use the bot.

    2 Pokemon GO Multiple Accounts

    If you have enough time, you can register for many accounts and maintain them all. Then use multiple devices to play on the accounts at the same time. Likewise, you can use accounts belonging to friends and family to conquer gyms and occupy them. The more accounts you have, the more benefits you can get.

    3 Pokemon GO IV Checker

    Pokemon IV meas Individual Values, which determines the combat power of your Pokemon. Traditionally, you need a third-party app to check IV. However, Niantic now monitors installed apps on your device to detect IV checking. As a result, now it is recommended to use in-game appraisal system to check more accurate Pokemon values.

    Part 4: FAQs about Pokemon GO Fake GPS Spoofer

    1 Is it still possible to spoof your Pokemon GO location in 2024?

    Absolutely yes. Although spoofing Pokemon GO is not encouraged by Niantic, but occasionally it's not convenient for some players to walk around. You can still change your Pokemon GO location in 2024. However, you need to install a GPS spoofing app. Android users will also need to enable developer mode.

    2 How do I modify my GPS location in Pokemon GO?

    To modify your GPS location in Pokemon GO, you need to get a GPS spoofing app such as LocaChange or a reliable VPN. It's important to note that most GPS spoofing apps require jailbreaking or rooting your phone, which can be risky. Therefore, please be careful when using them.

    3 Is it possible to spoof your Pokemon GO location on Android?

    Certainly! Whether you are using Android or iOS, you can download Pokemon GO spoofing apps to change your GPS location. Spoofing your Pokemon GO location on Android is a breeze. You only need to set up a GPS spoofing app or VPN.

    4 Can Niantic detect deception?

    Yes, Niantic can detect spoofing. They employ a triple penalty policy that includes warnings, account suspension, and even termination of users who engage in scams. However, as long as you don't abuse this in-game feature, the chances of getting banned are relatively low. And make sure you choose Pokemon GO faking-GPS apps that are safe and secure, and it's better that the app has protection mechnism like cool-down timer.

    5 What are the best places to fake GPS in Pokemon Go?

    You can choose the most popular places in Pokemon GO that are well-known for special species. For example, the Pier 39 area in San Francisco, USA, is known for being rich in rare water-type Pokemon due to the surrounding water bodies. Another notable location is Big Ben in London, England, known for its abundance of hard-to-find Pokemon.


    Pokemon GO is a widely popular game enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. Don't let your location hinder you from catching your favorite Pokemon.

    The location changer LocaChange is our highly recommended Pokemon GO fake gps tool. By using a location spoofer to change your location in Pokemon GO, a whole new world of possibilities will open up. You'll have access to virtual exploration of hundreds of new cities and streets. It's an opportunity worth trying.

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