[2 Mins Done] How to Change Location in Pokemon GO?

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[2 Mins Done] How to Change Location in Pokemon GO?

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LocaChange - Pokemon GO Location Changer

100 % safe, effective and convenient. Change your location in Pokemon GO to anywhere instantly with just 1 click. Enjoy teleporting and auto walking in the game to get more rare Pokemon now!

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how to change location in pokemon go

Catching and training your Pokemon in Pokemon GO is not an easy task, especially when you are busy with research and tasks. Therefore, learning to change Pokemon GO location is very important. In today’s guide, I’ll share some effective ways how to change location in Pokemon GO, and I believe that you can find the best Pokemon GO location changer that suits you. All the methods I share today prove to be workable and useful. Let’s get started.

Part 1: Why Do You Need a Pokemon GO Location Changer?

When it comes to how to change location in Pokemon GO, many players wonder if it's risky to do so and if this kind of behavior will get you banned. If you choose a reliable Pokemon GO location changer, and use it appropriately and responsibly, the possibility of getting a soft ban is not high. More importantly, using a Pokemon GO location changer benefits you in multiple aspects:

1 Catch Rare Pokemon Easily

In Pokemon GO, some Pokemon habitats are dispersed based on Geo-location, which means that they are regionally restricted. To catch them successfully, sometimes you need a PokeStop map to find them and change Pokemon GO location.

2 Head to More PokeStops and Gyms

If you are in an area with fewer PokeStops and Gyms, changing location in Pokemon GO is a good way to find more.

3 Play Pokemon GO without Walking

Maybe you are too tired and don’t want to walk. I believe that many people many players have times like this, so why not change your location in Pokemon GO and hatch Pokemon eggs without walking?

Part 2: [100% Working] How to Change Location in Pokemon GO?

Now let’s see how to change your location in Pokemon GO, here I recommend 3 useful Pokemon GO location changers for you. Whether you are using iOS or Android devices, they can satisfy your needs.

Pokemon GO Location Changer System Operation Device Quantity Anti-softban Safety Rating
LocaChange iOS & Android 2 Steps 1-10 Devices 98% starstarstarstarstar
Fake GPS Location Android 4 Steps 1 Device 78% starstarstar
iTools iOS 4 Steps 1 Device 83% starstarstarstar

1 LocaChange [iOS & Android]

how to change location in pokemon go by locachange app

When it comes to changing location in Pokemon GO, the location changer LocaChange is always the first choice. LocaChange is an expert Pokemon GO spoofer that has versatile features. You can not only use it to teleport to any location in the world with just 1 click but also use the 360-degree joystick to control your movement easily. Tap with your finger and you can walk in the game anywhere!

What’s more, it has an automatic cool-down timer to protect your account, and plenty of built-in advanced functions like PokeStop map, IV checker, Pokemon scanner, and so on, which provides much convenience when you enjoy your game.


Key Features of LocaChange

  • Compatible with both latest iOS 18 Beta and Android 15 systems.
  • 4 different movement mode to help you master the game: Teleport, Two-spot, Multi-spot and Joystick..
  • Free PokeStop map feature and Pokemon scanner inside.
  • Adjust your moving speed. The cooldown timer effectively protects your account.
  • A old reliable brand with more than 1,000,000 users worldwide.

Steps to use LocaChange:

Step 1 Download and intall LocaChange on your phone.

Step 2 Open LocaChange, choose the Specific Game Mode and start change location in Pokemon GO.

open locachange and change your location

You can also use it on PC:

Step 1: Connect your mobile phone to a PC and choose Pokemon GO.

choose game mode on LocaChange on computer

Step 2: Choose a mode you need and enter the location.

select a mode on locachange pc


  • It supports both iOS and Android systems, and can be used on multiple devices.
  • 100% safe and secure. Avoid detection and soft-ban.
  • Besides location changing, it has many useful features related to Pokemon GO.


  • It's not completely free. Some advanced features need payment.

2 Fake GPS Location [Android Only]

If you are an Android user and want to change location in Pokemon GO, then you can try this classic app Fake GPS Location. It’s a universal free third-party location changing tool and it’s compatible with 99% of Android systems and devices. You can use it to spoof your location in Pokemon GO to anywhere you want.

pokemon go location changer fake gps location

Step 1: Download and install Lexa Fake GPS Location from the Google Store.

Step 2: On your Android phone, tap the build number and activate developer mode.

Step 3: Turn on mock location settings, and choose Fake GPS Location as the mock location app.

Step 4: Choose the location you want to change in Lexa and start Pokemon GO.


  • You can use it to change location in Pokemon GO on your Android device easily.
  • It is free to download and use, and can be found in Google Play.


  • You need to activate the mock location feature and root your device, which is not safe to your phone.
  • It may be detected by Niantic and lead to soft-ban.
  • You need to restart your phone to reset your real location.

3 iTools [iOS Only]

For iOS users, using iTools to change your location is not a bad idea. When you have no time to explore but want to catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO, you can consider it. Although the operation and steps are kind of complicated, it truly works. If you don’t mind the operation time and using a PC, you can select this one as your Pokemon GO changing location app. Here are the steps.

Step 1: First you need to download iTools software on your PC.

Step 2: Prepare a USB cable, then connect your iPhone to your PC via the cable.

Step 3: On the iTools interface, choose and click “Virtual Location”.

find virtual location in itools

Step 4: Enter the location name or coordinate to change your location in Pokemon GO.

change pokemon go location by itools


  • iOS users can use it to change Pokemon GO location for free.
  • It has a clear and user-friendly interface, and it's simple to use.


  • You need a computer to change Pokemon GO location, which is complex to operate.
  • The connection is not always stable.
  • It has no other advance features except for spoofing GPS location.

FAQs about How to Change Your Location in Pokemon GO

1.How to Change My Country in Pokemon GO?

To change your country in Pokemon GO, you need a VPN or Pokemon GO spoofer. When you successfully use the location changer to switch your area, you can unlock new Pokemon encounters, PokeStops, Gyms, and PvP battles, however, it’s important to pay attention to cool-down time.

2.Will I be Banned from Pokemon GO for Using a VPN?

No. Although Niantic official states that any kind of cheating, including using spoofer apps or hacks, will be punished, the theory of Niantic detection is based on your real location and signal in the game. Using a VPN only changes your IP address so it won’t get you banned.

3.How to Change Your Location on Pokemon GO for Free?

Many Pokemon GO location changers on the market offer free trial versions, such as LocaChange, Fake GPS Location, and so on. You can try them first before you pay.

4.Can I Auto Walk in Pokemon GO?

Yes, the auto walk is possible in Pokemon GO and you can do that with a virtual joystick controlled by a keyboard or on a phone screen. You can use the 360-degree joystick to control your movement in the game seamlessly. Learn more: Use a Pokemon GO joystick to enhance your gameplay.


I’m sure that now you must understand why and how to change location in Pokemon GO. It not only unlock many new possibilities in the game, but also helps to reduce your physical stress and you can play the AR game at home. Also don’t forget to use the Pokemon GO location changer LocaChange, a 100% safe and reliable spoofing tool.

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