How to Fix Monster Hunter Now Not Compatible & Other MH Now Problems

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How to Fix Monster Hunter Now Not Compatible & Other MH Now Problems

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monster hunter now not compatible

When you download MH Now and you're ready to log in and start enjoying the AR game, a message appears on the screen saying Monster Hunter Now Not Compatible. This is the problem that many MH Now players are experiencing.

To help you solve this problem, in today’s blog, we will talk about why Monster Hunter Now is not compatible and how to fix it. We will also provide you with the best tutorials and tips so that you can play MHN smoothly. Let’s get started.

Part 1: Monster Hunter Now Requirements

Before diving into the problem of Monster Hunter Now not compatible, firstly, we need to understand Monster Hunter Now requirements so that you’ll know if your device is suitable for the MHN game. Note that many players are experience Monster Hunter Now Searching for GPS Signal problem, which is also related.

Here is a brief chart of the devices and specifications that Monster Hunter Now supports:

  iOS Android

iPhone 8 and above


iOS 14 or higher

Android 7 or higher, 64-bit

Network environment

Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G

Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G

GPS requirement

GPS, location-based services

GPS, location-based services


Snapdragon 855 or higher

3GB or higher


Jailbreak devices are not supported

Rooted devices are not supported

Part 2: How to Fix Monster Hunter Now Not Compatible Problem

In this part, I'm going to talk about the possible reasons and how to trouble the problem of Monster Hunter Now not compatible. Read it carefully.

Fix 1 Check your device specification

As we explained in Part 1, Whether you’re using an Apple or Android phone, to run the Monster Hunter Now game smoothly, certain requirements are necessary for the device, such as model, system version, RAM space, available memory, etc. If any of these requirements are not met, it may result in the problem of Monster Hunter Now device not compatible.

To check whether your device is suitable, you can follow this guide.

Android: Go to Settings> About phone/Device Information>Software information.

check android specification to solve monster hunter now not compatible

iOS: Go to Settings>General>About>Model/Software version.

check iphone specification and solve monster hunter now not compatible

Fix 2 Make sure your device is not rooted or jailbreak

Rooted or jailbroken phones can modify the system and bypass security restrictions. Additionally, these phones may be at a higher security risk and may be subject to malware attacks that can threaten the security of the game platform and other players.

Therefore, to keep the game fair and secure, Niantic supported devices restricts rooted or jailbreak phones from accessing their games. If your phone is rooted or jail-broken, you can restore it and try again.

niantic restric rooted or jailbroken devices

Fix 3 Upgrade your mobile phone system

Older mobile phone versions may lack the necessary components or features required by the MHN game which causes many problems such as Monster Hunter Now not compatible. In this case, you can update your phone system to meet the requirement.

upgrade your phone operating system

Fix 4 Update the Monster Hunter Now game

Like the phone system, the game version also matters. You should keep an eye on news about the game updating and therefore I strongly recommend always keeping the game up to date so that you can not only experience the new features but also keep the game running smoothly.

update monster hunter now game

Part 3: Other Common MH Now Problems

1 Monster Hunter Now Can’t Log in

Fix 1: Clear Cache. Go to Settings>Apps/Applications>Storage>Clear Cache or Clear Storage.

Fix 2: Make sure there’s only one Google account on your phone. If you log multiple Google accounts on the phone, log out of the others. Then try to start the game.

2 Monster Hunter Now Not Working

Fix 1: Check your network environment. If your internet connection is unstable, then it may cause MH Now not working. This is because, with poor connectivity, you may not be able to play the game properly due to connection timeout.

monster hunter now network error

Fix 2: Ensure that there are no irregularities in the account. MH Now officially updated its detection mechanism in February, and many anomalous accounts are banned. For example, if you keep playing the game in a vehicle, it is possible to get a warning.

3 Monster Hunter Now Map Problem(Monster Hunter Now Not Loading)

Fix 1: If you have Monster Hunter Now map problem like not loading, and the display screen is normal, you can zoom out the map to see a flat map, because some areas of the Monster Hunter NOW are none-monster areas, so these places will be blank.

monster hunter now map not showing things

Fix 2: Another possible reason is that the game and the system generate bugs within the program, causing the system to paralyze and the game to run abnormally. This may be affected by the Monster Hunter Now server status. It is recommended that you can shut down the game and restart it, or restart your phone and try again later.

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open locachange monster hunter now joystick on your phone

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open locachange monster hunter now spoofer your computer and choose game mode

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teleport by locachange monster hunter now joystick


This is all about the problems of Monster Hunter Now not compatible and other related ones. If you are facing such problems, try the effective methods above and fix your game.

If it’s a GPS-related problem that causes the abnormality, then I suggest using the location changer LocaChange to assist you restart your game. With it, you can efficiently solve it.

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