[2024 Update] Top 5 Pokemon GO Rare Pokemon You Can't Miss

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[2024 Update] Top 5 Pokemon GO Rare Pokemon You Can't Miss

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pokemon go rare pokemon

As we know, there are plenty of collectibles in Pokemon GO, like rare candy or the Pokemon GO lucky egg, many of which are acquired seeking around PokeStops. Pokemon GO Rare Pokemon, on the other hand, can be a bit elusive and usually take dozens of hours to acquire. If you manage to catch some, then you'll find them to be mouth-watering. Not to mention, they can provide you huge advantages when entering PVP arenas.

Of course, the Pokemon GO roster is like a merry-go-round; in fact, it's forever shifting and changings. However, there are 5 extremely rare Pokemon available for you to collect in your Atlas, all of which require some extra errands. Ready for a mission? Let's go!

Part 1: Understanding of Pokemon GO Rare Pokemon

In Pokemon GO games, "Rare Pokemons" usually refers to those unique Pokemon species that are uncommon or difficult to encounter. These Pokemon can be categorized into several types based on how they appear and the difficulty of obtaining them:

Category Description Rarity Level

Rare Wild Pokemon

They have a low encounter rate in the wild and may only appear in specific areas, under certain weather conditions, or during specific times. Encountering them often requires players to spend a considerable amount of time and effort searching for them.


Legendary Pokemon

They are a special category in the game, often playing significant roles in the game's storyline. Encountering legendary Pokemon typically involves completing a series of tasks or meeting certain conditions.


Mythical Pokemon

They are usually rewarded for special events or activities within the game, such as distribution events or specific in-game activities. Their appearance is often tied to particular events or periods. starstarstarstarstar

Special Breeding or Evolution Pokemon

Some Pokemon can only be obtained through special breeding methods or unique evolution paths. For example, certain Pokemon may require specific items, conditions, or special events to breed or evolve.


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Part 2: Top 5 Pokemon GO Rare Pokemon 2024 & How to Get Them

In the following, I list 5 Pokemon that are rare and still can be obtained in 2024. With a bit of luck, you might be able to collect them all within the year.

NO.5 Goomy

rare pokemon goomy

Goomy is a Dragon-type Pokemon that has proven to be one of the rarest Pokemon in the Kalos region. While the drop rate is still disappointingly low, players can still catch it in 2024, though it does require a fair amount of extra time and effort. And, like most rare-type Pokemon, the obtaining of it requires a long journey.

How to unlock: Of course, you can still catch Goomy. That is to say, you may need to take your chances with the 10KM Egg, which has the highest drop rate at the time of this writing. Even so, it's still quite low compared to other rare Pokemons, so you'll need to work on getting eggs to increase your chances. The more 10KM Eggs you collect, the higher your chances of getting Slippery Goomy. Simple enough, right?

NO.4 Melmetal

melmetal the rare pokemon

Meltan is currently in its adolescence and remains one of the most rare Pokemon to catch. However, its evolution form, Melmetal, takes things to a whole new level as it requires an absurdly high amount of candies to assemble. Even to acquire the baby form, you must go through a series of challenges, some of which may only be completed by receiving a Mythical Metal-type Pokemon as a gift.

How to unlock: The best way to obtain Meltan is by completing the special research questline 'Let's Go, Meltan.' If that is not achievable, the next best option is to unlock the Mystery Box. This can be obtained by connecting Pokemon GO to the Pokemon HOME application, which can be downloaded from the Play/App Store. After obtaining Meltan, you will need to accumulate 400 Meltan candies to evolve it into Melmetal.

NO.3 Pikachu (Libre Costume)

pokemon go rare pokemon pikachu libre

Pikachu isn't that hard to catch, as long as you know where to look for the common Pokemon. However, its Super Wrestler cousin, Pikachu Libre, is a bit harder to dig up. The path to obtaining a Pokemon isn't as tumultuous as the vast majority of rare Pokemon. The only real thing you need to do is, you know, play the game and walk around.

How to unlock: To get a shot at Pikachu Libre, you'll need to reach level 20 in the Pokemon GO Battle League. You can reach this level by defeating other players in the PvP Arena. Once you've moved up the rankings and surpassed the milestones, you'll have the opportunity to fight against the adorable wrestler sports partner.

NO.2 Sandile

rare pokemon sandile

Indeed, the dual-type Ground/Dark Pokemon known as Sandile isn't the most eye-catching creature on the block. However, it's one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO, which certainly makes it a sought-after beast. But to get one, it's not just about mixing it up around the local duck pond.

How to unlock: To obtain Sandile, you need to hatch a 12KM Egg (also known as a Strange Egg). You can acquire one of these eggs by defeating one of the GO Rocket Leaders - Arlo, Cliff, or Sierra - at a designated PokeStop area. Be aware that the drop rate is very low, so you'll need to tackle quite a few Rocket Leaders to improve your chances of snagging a Sandile. Is it worth the time and effort? Well, yes.

NO.1 Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie

rare pokemon azelf mesprit and uxie

What's the rarest Pokemon GO? Unlike legendary and mythical Pokemon, these three region-locked Pokemon may not be very hard to obtain. Traveling the world regularly to add these Pokemon to your trusted Pokedex might seem like a daunting task. If you can't fit all of these into your busy schedule, you'll certainly have a hard time organizing the entire gathering.

How to unlock: Catching any one of these three Pokemon isn't difficult. Since the trio is locked to specific regions of the world, you'll need to plan trips to several continents or make friends with other players from corners of the world. You can find Azelf in the Americas, Uxie in the Asia-Pacific region, and Mesprit in Europe. Road trip, anyone?

Part 3: How to Get Rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO Effortlessly?[100% Work]



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open locachange on phone and star spoofing pokemon go

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select teleport mode and start spoofing


Today I've covered 5 Pokemon GO rare Pokemon and the ways to obtain them respectively. Also, if you want to save time and collect them all in a short time, just choose the location changer LocaChange to help you finish the hard work. That’s reliable and you can’t go wrong with it.

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