[2024] Pokemon Go Can't Log in? Master the Fixes Now!

[2024] Pokemon Go Can't Log in? Master the Fixes Now!

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Pokémon GO is a game loved by people of all ages. But it is inevitable that you will encounter some problems, such as “Pokemon Go unable to authenticate” or “Pokemon Go Unable to Log in with Facebook” These problems will reduce the quality of the gaming experience and even cause frustration for the best players.

So, In this article, we will help you solve Pokémon Go failed to log in? We’ll delve into these questions. If you're curious, read on for more information.

pokemon go cant log in

In this article:

Part 1. Why is Pokemon Go Unable to Log in with Facebook?

Before resolving any issue, it's crucial to determine the cause of the error. When encountering a message like"Pokémon Go failed to login, please try again" upon opening the game window, pinpointing the reason behind this error is essential. We have found the following reasons for you:

failed to logo in

1 Network Connection Problems

Many times, when we encounter problems such as can't log into Pokémon Go, we tend to attribute it to the game system. However, it can also stem from unstable connection signals. To mitigate this, Pokémon GO players should strive to find an environment with a stable Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

2 Outdated Pokemon Go App

As an augmented reality game that places significant emphasis on user experience, Pokemon Go continually optimizes the gameplay to provide the most enjoyable experience for players. This entails the constant efforts of the Pokemon Go team to fix and address bugs or flaws in the game. If the game is not promptly updated, the older version may not support logging in to your Pokemon GO account.

3 Device-related Problems

If your iPhone or Android device experiences lag at the beginning of the game, it may be due to the game's cache occupying excessive space. When the cache reaches a substantial size, it can cause game freezing, slow application performance, or even interruptions in continuous usage.

4 Niantic Server Issues

If the aforementioned factors have been ruled out as the cause of the login problem, it is likely related to the Niantic servers. No game is flawless, and the game's servers may be undergoing error rectification, resulting in temporary login issues or Pokemon GO error 12 problem. System bugs are commonplace and occur regularly in such scenarios.

Please note that these are some potential causes of Facebook login difficulties in Pokemon Go, and fixing the Pokemon GO Can't Log In issue can help you regain access to your account.

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Part 2. Resolving Pokemon Go Login Errors: Effective Solutions

If you encounter the aforementioned errors, such as "Failed to Login" or "Unable to Authenticate," the following solutions should assist you:

1 Check server status

Visit Downdetector to verify the game's server status and view reported outages for Pokemon GO in the past 24 hours. If the servers are down, it is advisable to wait before attempting to log in again.

2 Check for updates

While the app usually notifies you of available updates, you can manually check the Play Store or App Store for any available updates.

check for updates

3 Test your internet speed

Since Pokemon GO is an online AR game, a stable internet connection is crucial. Perform a speed test to ensure your internet connection is functioning properly.

4 Enable Airplane mode

Activate Airplane mode on your Android or iOS device to refresh your internet connection. After a few seconds, disable Airplane mode and attempt to play the game again.

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5 Reset password

Reset the password of the account you use to play Pokemon GO, such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Pokemon Trainer Club, or Niantic Kids. After resetting, try logging in again.

reset password

6 Contact Niantic support

If you remember your Pokemon GO username, contact Niantic support for further assistance in recovering your email address. When reaching out, specify the issue category as "Sign-in Issue."

7 Restart the game

Close the game on your device and remove it from the list of recent apps. Launch the game again and attempt to log in.

8 Restart your phone

Restart your iOS or Android device, as this simple action can often resolve various issues. After restarting, launch the game and check if the "Unable to Authenticate" error persists.

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9 Reinstall the game

Uninstall Pokemon GO from your device, then reinstall it from the Play Store or App Store.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the "Failed to Login" or "Unable to Authenticate" errors in Pokemon GO. If you need further assistance on topics like evolutions, defeating Team GO Rocket members, and more, feel free to explore our Pokemon GO guides.

[Bonus Tips]: Catch Pokemons No Moving Required!

With its massive user base, Pokemon Go continues to captivate players worldwide, who eagerly seek new tips and tricks daily.

By learning and implementing these strategies, you can enhance your gameplay, make the most of the game's hidden features, and enjoy a unique experience throughout your gaming journey. We have gathered some valuable tips for you, so let's dive in and quickly level up your skills!

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That concludes our discussion for today! We've covered the reasons why can’t Pokemon Go log in and provided solutions to fix them. Additionally, we shared some valuable game tips for the popular Pokemon Go. One noteworthy tip is utilizing the location cheater LocaChange, which enables easy gameplay in this widely enjoyed AR game. Don't hesitate any longer – download and experience it now!

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