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Hello, Pokemon Go Trainers. We know that not everyone has a lot of money to spend on Pokemon Go, so today let me share how I play Pokemon with these free Pokemon Go tricks and tips.

Pokemon Go tricks and tips

In this article:

11 Free Tricks and Tips for Pokemon Go

One of the most important tips for free players is to catch everything.

1 Target the Lucky Pokémon

Firstly, let's delve into strategies for acquiring good Pokemon as a free-to-play player. The first tip is to aim for Lucky Pokemon.

When you trade a Pokemon, there's approximately a 5% chance it becomes Lucky. This chance can be guaranteed if you reach Best Friends status and then become Lucky Friends. Also, you can use the Pokemon GO excellent throw hack trick to increase the efficiency.

lucky pokemon go

Lucky Pokemon require half the Stardust to power up and have a guaranteed IV floor of 12/12, making it easier to obtain high-IV Pokemon.

2 Use Spoof Pokémon GO Locations

You can search "Best Places to Spoof Pokémon GO" on Google. Many players will share the locations where they captured Pokémon Go, or locations that appear frequently. You can quickly catch Pokémon based on the locations they shared.

3 Hatch Eggs

The third trick is to collect hatchable eggs. You can put the eggs in the incubator so that they hatch while walking. Here is the secret of Pokemon Go, which is to learn to use the free trial opportunity of the Pokemon Go Hake tool, so that Can realize hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without walking!

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4 Master Pokemon attributes

If you want to defeat other Pokémon to level up, you need to understand Pokémon attributes, which can give you an advantage in battle. Consider the following examples to get a handle on the dynamics:

  • Bug > Dark, Grass, Psychic;
  • Dark > Ghost, Psychic;
  • Electric > Flying, Water;
  • Fairy > Dark, Dragon, Fighting;
  • Fire > Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel;
  • Fighting > Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice Dark.

5 Know the Weather in Pokemon Go

Using the weather to help catch Pekemon go can help us save more time. For example, rainy days will bring more water Pokémon with stronger power and more powerful stardust, while snowy days are best for collecting Sand Slash, Ice Dragon and Da Manitan and other ice-type Pokémon. If you are lucky, you can also catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon go weather

We have also compiled some different series of Pokemon suitable for different weather conditions for you:

  • Clear/Sunny: Ground, Fire and Grass;
  • Fairies in the clouds, conflict, poison;
  • Rain: electricity, water and bugs;
  • Snow: Steel and Ice;
  • Wind: flying, psychic, dragon.

6 Find New Friends Online

You can give the gifts you receive from Pokestops and gyms to the friends on your list. When your friends receive gifts, you will also receive eggs and Pokemon GO XL candy. When you hatch them, you will have a foreign Pokémon. You can Find friends through groups on places like Facebook and Reddit.

7 Transfer Pokemon for Candies

In games including Pokémon GO, there is a feature called "Transfer" that allows players to trade or transfer Pokémon to Professor Willow in exchange for Pokémon Candy that is unique to the transferred Pokémon species.

8 Travel to a Distant Place

To encounter various Pokémon, you need to go out of your home and travel to different corners of the world. This is also the most officially recommended method by Pokémon Go. Hatching eggs also need you to walk for a long distance, so you can get an Incubator in Pokemon GO first and then enjoy your yourney.

9 Get in Gyms

Gyms are the way to earn gold coins, you fight, win and capture gyms for your team, the longer you defend it in a gym, the more gold coins you earn, although it is difficult, but stick with it and it will bring you a lot of benefits.

Pokemon go gyms

10 PokeStops Tips

To stand out in Pokémon Go, it's crucial to find plenty of PokéStops, as they're the places to replenish your inventory of items. Spotting PokéStops can present a challenge, but here are some quick tips to help you locate them, and the most efficient way is to use a Pokemon GO PokeStop map.

11 Use the Quick Catch Trick

When you are catching Pokemon, you can use the Pokemon GO quick catch trick to skip the animation, which saves you a lot of time. This needs you to operate with two hands and takes some time to exercise, and it's worth using.

For free players, patience is key. If you don’t want to spend too much on Pokemon GO and want to get the fastest upgrade, then read on, we will Recommend the most practical Pokemon GO spoofer for you.

Best Pokemon Go Tips- Pokemon Go Without Walking!

Although the above tips are free, they will waste a lot of our time, so you can consider using the Pokemon GO spoofer, which can help you gain an advantage in battle. You can hatch eggs without walking, and you can go there while lying at home. Catch rare treasures from all corners of the world.

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Part 3: Hot FAQs about Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

1 What Is the Strongest Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

Arceus is the most powerful Legendary Pokémon known for its unique ability "Multitype", which allows Arceus to effortlessly communicate with other Legendaries. Whether as a powerful adversary or a steadfast companion, Arceus excels in both roles.

2 Pokemon Go Tips for Trainers Over Level 20

Gym Battles for XP Boosts: Taking part in gym battles is undoubtedly challenging, but the rewards are great, resulting in a massive 400XP boost.

Train in your team's gym to earn bonus XP: Not only does each battle won earn your team XP, but bonus XP is also earned when using a Pokémon with a CP equal to or lower than the gym defender.

Strategic Shop Purchases: Egg incubators are rare items in higher levels and are invaluable, while lucky eggs can speed up your upgrades.


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